Swedish Royal Wedding: The Other Royal Guests

 And last but certainly not least, we have royals from Britain, Luxembourg and Japan. I was hoping this category would include a certain Serene Highness from Monaco but Princess Charlene came to this wedding without a headpiece or tiara anywhere in sight (she didn’t wear a single piece of jewelery for that matter). Never mind as there were some new and wonderful tiaras on the three remaining major royals at this wedding.

The Countess of Wessex wore the Five Aquamarine Tiara (also known as the Canadian Aquamarine Tiara). She unveiled this last year at the Luxembourg Royal wedding and her repeat today suggests it may become a more regular tiara for her. It is a lovely tiara, although mounted a little higher up on the base than looks best, in my opinion. Perhaps with some more voluminous hair, this could be a great tiara for Sophie. The aquamarines certainly are a great colour for her.

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Princess Stéphanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, wore the Topaz or Citrine and Pearl Bandeau Tiara for the first time. This tiara, presumably on-loan from her mother-in-law Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, appears to be a private piece acquired for the Grand Duchess when she was first married. No matter the history, this tiara had potential to fall flat as a pancake but Princess Stéphanie propped it up with a marvellous up-do and showed the gems off to great success. If she’s going to wear beige, this is how to do it.

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Princess Hisako of Takamado wore a beautiful diamond tiara of unknown name and origin that we can only assume is the tiara in the vast Japanese Royal collection allocated for her use. It’s a beautiful floral tiara the perfect size for this petite princess… I would like it very much without the awkward bangs and a slightly softer hairstyle.

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7 thoughts on “Swedish Royal Wedding: The Other Royal Guests

    • I’ve never heard of her before but I looked her up on Wikipedia and she is a very accomplished woman. Her dress was one of the nicest of all the dresses at this wedding and her tiara looks so nice against her dark hair.

    • Sophie looks so great in the blue stones but your right, those prongs in the middle look bad. I’m sorry but her dress was really, really bad. I’m so tired of seeing Stephanie in boring beige. She would look soooo good in brighter colors.

  1. Very lovely. I think a tiara must be very hard to ‘pull off’ as it were. I suppose you would get used to them but I can think of absolutely no occasion that a commoner could wear one. On the other hand I’ve seen some wonderful hair jewelry that is coming into style.
    And you’re right about the aquamarines. A perfect colour for her to wear. Really stunning.

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