Birthday of the Duchess of Gloucester

The Duchess of Gloucester (née Birgitte Henriksen van Deurs) celebrates her 67th birthday today. One of the lesser known members of the British Royal Family, Birgitte’s role involves a lot of charity work and occasional support to the Queen at official engagements (garden parties, state dinners and so on). One of my favourite of Birgitte’s hats is this blue twisted straw toque hat she wore to open The Lawn Tennis Association’s new National Tennis Centre in London back in March 2007. The cornflower blue shade of this hat and beautiful coordinated coat makes me swoon.

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5 thoughts on “Birthday of the Duchess of Gloucester

  1. Love the hat – and the jewellery. The Gloucesters have fabulous jewels. And Birgitte is an excellent wearer of their magnificent tiaras too.

  2. Oh wow, I am not a fan of the color blue, I think it’s a cold color yet this is just beautiful. This I would take and wear, This is a beautiful color and I love the entire outfit, she is very chic looking. What a beautiful lady!

    • For some reason, this post is showing up as published today instead of June 20, 2013, when it was originally published! Technical issues aside, I also like this turban.

      I will however, argue that it is not a pillbox at all. A few weeks ago, we defined pillboxes as hats with straight sides and a flat crown. This hat has neither of these things.

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