Dutch King and Queen Visit Zeeland

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima continued their inauguration tour of Holland with visits to Zeeland and Zuid-Holland today. Any questions about Máxima’s love affair with toques are now put to rest because it’s confirmed- the new queen is obsessed!

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Embed from Getty Images

What’s even more amazing is that this is a NEW red toque (not to be confused with the red turban she wore in Singapore in January and for the christening of Princess Estelle of Sweden last year). I can’t imagine why any queen needs more than one red turban/toque but if this means Máxima is going to continue wearing hats for her daytime engagements, I’m not going to complain. What do you think of this new hat?

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne

Photos from Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Dutch King and Queen Visit Zeeland

  1. I think Beachgirl has hit the nail on the head. This type of hat lets Max cover her hair on a bad hair day, ant looks pretty good on her. Better to see it re-appear in many colours than that straggly hair that often spoils Max’s look. This ruched model is much better than the Singapore one IMHO.

  2. I like it. I think it really suits her. I agree that I don’t think it is what I think of as a real turban……. but that’s ok because it looks good on her. She is a lovely woman and wears so many styles successfully .

    • You know you guys… I had a second look at this hat tonight (away from the haze of hats at Ascot this week) and I agree with you- it really isn’t a turban. What if we call it a ruched pillbox? Whatever it is, Maxima is bringing it back and I really do think it looks great on her.

  3. Can’t really put my finger on it but this style really is attractive on her. The Singapore one was smaller and not as fashion forward. I would call it a “turban-style pillbox”. Just have not scene one hat style that Queen Max cannot pull off. Lovely lady.

  4. I think an official hat glossary is a fabolous idea. However I , for one, am getting a bit bord of all these hat turban/ fabric covered pillboxes. Don’t get me wrong I adore Max. And she can pull them off like no one else but we don’t need to see quite so many of them.

  5. I am in the this is not a turban but a fabric covered (rushed) pillbox. I also reserve turbans for more head covering items – a la Princess Grace and the horrible ones QEII wore as her staple hat shape for a decade at least in the 70’s. Not a turban fan – mom wore them from late 50 – 60’s for formal and she had some casual wear ones to hide her bouffant doo that needed a trip to her hairdresser.

    Love this one. The red is stunning!

  6. To me, a turban is one where the fabric makes the structure of the hat (so it wouldn’t really stand up in quite the same way by itself), while a pillbox is much stiffer and would look just the same shape on a shelf as on a head, and would also have a regular surface. So to me, this is definitely a turban. Better than the Singapore one. Practical, I know, but so much less dramatic than the nice big brims!

  7. I still don’t see these as turbans, but fabric-wrapped pillboxes. To me, a turban covers all the hair – or most of it, and this is clearly a hat perched on the back of her head. I like pillbox hats, so I’m in the ‘like’ camp on this one – just not the overblown griege one on steroids from the other day. The only question for me would be – since they are wrapped in the same fabric as the outfit, is it too ‘matchy-matchy?’

    The earrings are nice too. I saw a close-up elsewhere and they appear to be citrine, aquamarine, and pinky-reddish stones I can’t identifty – but great with this ensemble.

    • Hmmm… can you come up with a new term for this not-quite-a-pillbox but not-a-true-turban hat?! If you come up with something, I would be happy to use it. Perhaps we should create an official hat glossary over the coming months on the blog. What do you think of that idea?

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