Queen Margrethe Opens Museum Exhibition

Last Thursday, June 20, Queen Margrethe opened the an exhibition on Vikings at the National Museum in Copenhagen. She wore a white straw summer hat trimmed with a band of red polka dots and a side spray of red and white straw folded circle flowers (a hat and dress we saw her wear on a visit to the USA in 2011). Margrethe has worn some beautiful hats recently and while this one is a lovely compliment  to this fun summer dress, it is another one of her many hats that makes her look bald. On that basis alone, I just can’t be a fan.

Photo from Jesper Sunesen via The Danish Monarchy

2 thoughts on “Queen Margrethe Opens Museum Exhibition

  1. This Queen shore does have a lot of nice hat’s. I just love how this one has tthe polka dots on her hat to match her dress. And that’s a real nice tress too.

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