Birthday of Princess Alexia

Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark celebrates her 48th birthday today. Alexia, the eldest child of King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, is decidedly unroyal- she was a primary school teacher in London’s inner city for several years before moving to Spain to study and work with special needs children at the Catalan Foundation for Down’s Syndrome. These days, Alexia lives a quiet life away from the royal spotlight in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, Canary Islands in a house designed by her architect husband. While she is not often seen in hats, the hat she wore to the Spanish Royal wedding in May 2004 remains one of my favourites of all time. This simple natural straw picture hat with oversized brim, trimmed with a mass of teal and lime green ombre trailing feathers, still takes my breath away. This is the hat that made me fall in love with royal hats almost a decade ago.

Embed from Getty Images

 Photo from Getty as indicated


6 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Alexia

  1. Now this is a hat for formal and informal occasions – seriously! Neither is it complicated. I can see why HatQueen was so inspired by it.

  2. For my taste the brim is too wide, so it appears that Alexia has to tilt her head back to see where she is going. Her outfit is lovely and the best accessory that handsome husband. Oops, sorry!

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