Tindalls Celebrate Second Anniversary

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall celebrate their second wedding anniversary today.This sporty couple (Zara is a former equestrian world champion and Olympic silver medalist while Mike was captain of England’s rugby team) met while in Australia for the 2003 Rugby World Cup.  Their wedding, held at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, was a low-key and intimate family affair.

Zara wore an off-the-peg gown designed by Queen Elizabeth’s personal couturier, Stewart Parvin.

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In a nod to tradition, she borrowed a tiara from her mother (Princess Anne also borrowed a tiara from her mother Queen Elizabeth for her first wedding in 1973). This tiara, the Meander Tiara (also known as the Greek Key Tiara) originally belonged to Prince Philip’s mother and provided a little “something old”. Zara topped the tiara with a cathedral-length silk tulle veil. I thought the blusher, pulled over her face for her entrance into the kirk, was particularly beautiful. I also thought the Meander Tiara was the perfect choice for this very modern royal bride.

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Queen Elizabeth wore pink for her eldest granddaughter’s wedding. Her hat, made by Rachel Trevor Morgan, featured a stovepipe crown and short brim trimmed by a two-tone looped bow around the crown and pink feathers. It is a very celebratory hat that I thought looked very sweet on The Queen.

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Princess Anne wore a coral pink and beige origami-style folded headpiece. Something about the proportion of the design feels off to me.

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The groom’s mother, Linda Tindall, wore a grey straw percher hat trimmed with feathers and net.

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Zara’s sister-in-law Autumn Philips wore a beautiful dove grey straw picture hat designed by Rachel Trevor Morgan.It was a classic hat with a slightly upturned brim in front that I thought looked stunning on Autumn. This is a perfect summer wedding hat that I still adore.

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There were a number of other royal guests who attended this lovely wedding- you can see their lovely hats in this post.

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8 thoughts on “Tindalls Celebrate Second Anniversary

  1. Princess Anne’s’ s hat looks more like a big flower in her hair than a hat. Mike Tindall’ s mom’s hat looked like it should have been placed at an angle instead of flat on top. And Autumn’ s hat was just right!

  2. What a beautiful wedding! I would have liked the Queen’s hat better without the feathers but it is still nice and she looks so happy! I love Autumn’s hat very much.

    • A very beautiful wedding indeed. I thought it was touching that the queen wore pink to her eldest granddaughter’s wedding.

  3. I’m looking forward to the next post…the hat worn by the Duchess of Cambridge to Zara’s wedding is one of my favorite hats ever. 🙂

    • I also love the hat Kate wore to this wedding. I don’t really like Zara’s wedding dress but she looks so happy it doesn’t really matter! I didn’t know she wore Princess Anne’s tiara and that is a nice touch. My favourite hat here is a tie between the Queen’s hat and Autumn’s hat. I would have liked Autumn’s hat a lot more if it had a pop of colour somewhere- a flower or something!

  4. She was just lovely – I really approved of the Greek key design tiara.it was lovely on her…and now they are going to have a family! right on schedule! Happy yr and last two as well for the Queen. QEII looked radiant at Zara’s wedding.

    • It was so nice that she wore her mama’s diamond tiara as her something borrowed. The Queen looked so pretty in her pink hat for her granddaugther’s wedding. Everyone looked so nice in their hats and so happy.

  5. The Queen looked very elegant at her granddaughter’s wedding. I agree that Princess Anne’s hat was not entirely appropriate.

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