Zara Phillips at the Races

Expectant mother Zara Phillips attended Ladies’ Day at the Goodwood race course in Chichester today. She wore a new black fascinator trimmed with black beads, pleated ribbon, and two large curled feather stems. Paired with her mustard yellow shift dress, I thought she looked fabulous! What do you think of this quirky hat?  

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fiona Mangan
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Photos from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Zara Phillips at the Races

  1. In theory, it’s great. But the execution is off. The domed shape does not work plonked on her forehead. I like the jewels and ribbon trim but those curled feather stems really do make this look like an insect.

  2. I like her dress on her but I don’t like the hat at all. It might be better if it was off to the side of her head.

  3. Gosh my lands she looks like a giant bumble bee with horns. This is not an elegant look for such a pretty royal young gal. And a mother to be to boot!

  4. I liked it better in the closeup photo than the first photo, but I don’t like the cyclops, center-of-the-forehead placement. It would be better at a jaunty angle to the side.

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