The Queen Takes Up Residence at Balmoral

Queen Elizabeth officially took up her summer residence at Balmoral Castle today and appeared to inspect the Royal Scots Borderers soldiers outside the castle gates. The Queen repeated a lovely ice blue straw hat with a ruched crown and cartwheel brim trimmed with a silk band and large bloom. This is a very classic millinery shape for her Majesty but one that suits her very well. While I usually prefer her in stronger colours, this shade of blue was really lovely on her.

Designer: unconfirmed (my guess is Rachel Trevor Morgan)
Previously Worn: November 23, 2011

What do you think of this delicate hat?

Photos from Press Association  

4 thoughts on “The Queen Takes Up Residence at Balmoral

  1. I too like this shade of ice blue on her. It suits her very well. Love the satin bow trim on her suit pockets. I might like the flower on her hat an inch or two more to the right, rather than nearly in the center.

  2. Her Majesty looks delightfully delighted in this picture. I love the suit with the little bows on the pockets. I wonder if anyone ever suggests wearing a different style hat…for a change of look….although she wears this style well.

  3. I like her in this color. Since she has gone gray (almost white) haired – bolder colors tend to help perk her up more – but this has a nice touch of periwinkle to the blue that keeps it from that baby powder blue i don’t think she wears well anymore at all. The hat is fine I like this style on her. If there were more color in it, it would over-power the look over all. I hope she has a very enjoyable vacation. I heard Prince Phillip will be joining her shortly there. Glad to hear he is feeling well enough to make the trip…but he still has not seen Prince George yet! Guess it might not be until the christening that the baby and great-grandfather get to meet.

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