Hat From the Past

Four years ago today, Kate Middleton (as her name was then) attended the wedding of Nicholas Van Cutsem and Alice Hadden-Paton at the Guard’s Chapel in London.  She wore this pale blue Jane Corbett designed percher hat with a back pleat and bow, trimmed with silk flowers and black curly cues. This is one of my least favourite of Kate’s hats- I think it looks like a flowered satellite dish stuck on her forehead (complete with radio antenna) and the mix of bow, blooms, curly cues, and dramatic shape are too much for one small hat. Kate has not repeated this hat and I have a hunch it did not make the grade for her royal life. What do you think of this pale blue percher hat?

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15 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I agree too – not a fan of this one – I also did not like the coat – it was all too fuzzy and not what she seems to have trimmed her look down to which now is more classic…tho she still has not really got a good hat look IMO…that brown feather facinator was ick and I did not like the little black/white dish of a facinator she wore to that last wedding where she repeat wore the black and white dot skater dress she wore to the Harry Potter movie studio preview…I know being from the US we don’t wear hats like those in the UK and Europe do – but Kate needs to work on her hat styles…she had hits and misses all over the place. I think it would help lots if she would ditch forever the hair extensions – she has tons of hair and does not need more weight..maybe only keep the wiglets they use on her sometimes for up dos to facilitate hats and hopefully tiaras pretty soon.

    • How do you know that she has hair extensions and wiglets? I have never heard her of wearing those things……even when she was in college and before William there are pictures of her with that type of hair. I just don’t get people that say things that they don’t know for sure, where you there to see these extensions and see her put them in her hair?

    • Celebrity gossip columnist Lainey Gossip did a series last year about Kate’s hair and it was widely agreed that her hair is her own. The series was ruthless about calling out celebrity hair extensions… I really do think this is all her hair.

  2. IMO this hat is fine except for those black anntenna things. I like the blue and the flowers and even the shape.

    • It’s so funny to look back at this and see how much Kate has changed. She looks so much more polished now. Her hair is smoother and styled better and her hats are more elegant. I prefer her in a little more color than this hat. I think this washes he out. I really liked the other blue hat she wore with this coat. I think you have a photo of it somewhere here on this blog.

  3. While she may not have done her mother did, at Ascot I think. So somebody liked it! I didn’t hate this as it happens – with the coat I thought it went rather well. Much better than the other blue hat she paired it with, that was awful!

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