Japanese Princess Visits Sri Lanka

Princess Tsuguko of Takamado is the daughter of the late Japanese Prince Takamodo (who was a first cousin of the current emperor) and Princess Hisako Takamodo (who we saw last week as well as at the Swedish Royal Wedding earlier this summer). This week, Princess Tsuguko, who works at the Japan Committee for UNICEF, is on a four-day visit to Sri Lanka. She began the visit with a classic white boater hat with crisp navy and white striped hatband and bow.

To visit Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday, Tsuguko wore a classic white Breton hat with an upturned brim trimmed with a pouf of blue feathers on the side.

Photo by The Asahi Shimbun and Sudath Silva 

8 thoughts on “Japanese Princess Visits Sri Lanka

  1. This is great, she looks so modern and ready to go, is the JIF finally coming into the present instead of living in the past? I feel so sorry for that family, so control by their gray men in suits or robes or whatever, no personal individual spirit is allowed, not even for the royal couple. She looks lovely and I do like that hat on her, baby steps are great.

  2. Interesting. On a member of any other royal family, it would indeed be a very boring hat. If only the Japanese royals would now embrace color!

  3. I do see a little hint of something feathery and turquoise in color on the left side of the hat (her left front). So there may be some sort of decoration on that side of the hat.

  4. cute on her…I like the look – on me it would look really silly – but she has a small enough head with the right hair to set this off and not have it look like a soup dish on her head upside down as it would on me!

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