How It’s Made: A Burgess Bowler

The Royal Hats Blog  While many of the royal hats we admire are handmade, there are a number of wool felt hats that are individually made with the help of a few industrial machines. I thought some of you might enjoy this short (five minutes) video covering this process. I certainly learned a lot watching it. Both hats are produced by Burgess Hats; the red bowler is available for sale here and the black topper is available here.

6 thoughts on “How It’s Made: A Burgess Bowler

  1. That was very interesting! I love to see how people who know what they are doing run a sewing machine. My efforts are decidedly less smooth and polished!

  2. Very interesting indeed, especially the part about the molds and shapes. Though I don’t mind industrial machines (I certainly couldn’t afford fully handmade hats), I remain skeptical about gluing things.

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