Queen Máxima Kicks Off Fall Term

Queen Máxima officially opened this year’s academic year at Orion, the new education building at  Wageningen University this morning. She debuted a new vibrant orange straw folded hat that looks like an oversize stylized flower (or folded napkin).

Embed from Getty Images

It’s a shape we have seen on Máxima before (she has similar hats in pale pink and in creamy beige) and it fits with her recent trend toward brimless hats. Paired with her orange dress however, it’s a LOT of orange. I’m going to say what I usually say about Máxima’s hats- she’s the only royal I can think of who can pull this off. That’s why she is and will always remain one of my favourite royal hat wearers. It’s so good to have her back from summer vacation!

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne

What do you think of this orange beauty?

Photos from Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Kicks Off Fall Term

  1. What is that thing on her head? That is a pile of something and doesn’t look good. She looks so much better in wide brim hats, the dress is beautiful and the color *Orange* really suits her coloring. She is one classy lady, I love her smile, it lights up the room, she is a very intelligent positive woman and perfect for William. This is one happy woman in love with her hubby and girls, long may she reign.

  2. I’ve just realised that this (clearly!) isn’t mourning any more. I thought when I saw her in black to meet the UN Secretary General that it must still be mourning, but I guess either it wasn’t or the period has ended.

  3. I kind of like it, and it is faaaaar less boring than the black hat that can be seen on the third picture.
    And it has something left from the summer in it.
    Yes, it rocks.

  4. A good hat, but to me it looks a bit plonked on top of her head – I think it would look better with a tilt, whether to one or other side or to the front (probably not the back!) But it’s a fittingly vibrant outfit for a vibrant Queen.

  5. My my she looks fresh as a daisy! Part of why she always looks beautiful is because of her big smile. That makes every hat look even more beautiful next to her smiling face! LOL!

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