British Royals Attend Crathie Kirk

With the focus in France for the Luxembourg Royal wedding this weekend, we have a few British hats to catch up on! Yesterday, the British Royal family, who are still up at Balmoral Castle, attended Sunday service at nearby Crathie Kirk. The Queen wore a hat that has absolutely stumped me- a straw hat with a brown split crown (the same shape as this hat), a pale green rolled brim and magenta pink feather trim. It looks like there are also some green straw ribbon curls tucked on the brim as well. This is not a hat I recall seeing ever before and it appears to be custom made to match with her green, brown and magenta plaid suit. Somehow, I just don’t think it’s a new hat (the Queen usually unveils new hats on royal tours and not on her personal vacation). Do any of you dear readers recall seeing this distinct hat before?

Designer: the shape looks like similar other hats made by Angela Kelly

The Duchess of Rothesay (as Camilla is known by her Scottish title when in Scotland) repeated her red wool beret trimmed with two pheasant feathers. Camilla has been choosing smaller hats than usual in the past few months and it is a trend I think works very well for her.

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: September 1, 2012;  May 9, 2012; September 18, 2011;  April 9, 2006;  April 10, 2005

The Earl and Countess of Streathearn also attended church yesterday morning. Kate repeated her black wool felt beret trimmed with flowers made in the same material (you can see better photos of this hat when she last wore it back in March). Kate has worn this hat with her hair up and down; I think it works better with her hair down, as she wore it yesterday.

Countess of Streathern, September 22, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: Sylvia Fletcher of Lock & Co. It is the “Fairy Tale” style.
Previously Worn: March 17, 2013; March 8, 2012

Photos from Splash News 

7 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Crathie Kirk

  1. 1st place : The Duchess of Rothesay
    2nd place : The Countess of Streathearn
    3rd place : The Queen
    I like Camilla and Kate’s hats very much. I need to have a better view of the Queen’s hat to offer a better opinion. I do like the shape and the green color of her hat – I am not too sure about the other colors.

  2. I still love Kate’s hat. And it’s the season for designers to start showing their fall and winter hats (lock & co. and Jane Taylor’s have gone live). You know what would be great? Features on some of the new royal go-to designer hat collections as they come out, kind of like what What Kate Wore does on the runway collections for Kate’s clothing brands, with predictions and opinions on what is good. Although that’s a huge job…

  3. I like berets so Kate & Camilla get points from me. The Queen’s hat is a nice shape but all those colors seem a bit garish even if they do match her suit. The suit is more subtle.

  4. I can’t see the Queen’s hat well yet from what I see, it isn’t something I like. No Camilla’s and Catherine’s hats are very nice. I love the red on Camilla and Catherine’s is very pretty. They both look good in this style of hat, wish I could figure out how to wear this type.

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