Danish Crown Princely Couple Christen Ship

Crown Prince Frerderik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark christened the world’s largest container ship “Maersk Majestic” today in Copenhagen (a short video clip of the christening can be viewed here). Princess Mary repeated a striking cream wool hat with a diagonal raised brim, contrasting black band around the crown and side looped bow. The graphic lines of the hat complimented her cream coat dress so beautifully, I was happy to see this hat again as I have always thought this hat looked wonderful against Mary’s dark hair. What do you think of this hat ?

Princess Mary, September 25, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: Philip Treacey
Previously Worn: March 26, 2012;  September 12, 2007

Photos from Keld Navntoft 

13 thoughts on “Danish Crown Princely Couple Christen Ship

  1. This hat is wonderful! I love it with the coat.
    And I must say that the video clips of Mary tossing the champagne is fabulous too! She winds up and really flings a good one. Hat stays in place throughout! Loved everything about the launching… Sorry I don’t have links to the video. But they are great!

  2. Everything about this outfit is perfect and confirms my view of CP Mary as one of the most tastefully stylish Princesses in Europe.

  3. This made me look twice, just amazing. I love this hat, everything about this hat is gorgeous, in fact, the entire outfit is perfection. CPMary is one very beautiful woman and she really does carry herself with dignity. Wonder if she’ll let me borrow this hat? Not a chance I know!

  4. This is a lovely hat, and nice to see Mary in something which has a bit more impact than her usual style. But I do think the crown is just a bit too big for her somehow, especially from the side – on the verge of overwhelming, although not quite.

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