Hat From The Past

  A year after this photograph was taken, Edward VIII would abdicate and six months later, Wallis Warfield Spencer Simpson would become the Duchess of Windsor. There is something quite bewitching about her even in this photograph, don’t you think? And the hat? Splendid.

Duchess of Windsor

 Photo taken in 1935 by legendary photographer Man Ray

14 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

  1. Why did Pippa pop into my head when I saw this photo of the Duchess of W? It’s a beautiful hat and she had such classic style. She wasn’t a beauty, but boy, she had style

  2. A gorgeous hat! There was a reason the Duchess of Windsor always ended up on the best dressed list – she had a great sense of fashion! I agree she does look “bewitching.” She certainly bewitched her husband – look at all he gave up for her! I love this hat and she looks great wearing it.

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