Japanese Emperor and Empress Celebrate the Disabled Veterans Association

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko attended a ceremony in Tokyo today commemorating the 60th anniversary of  the Japanese Disabled Veterans Association. Michiko wore one of her characteristic saucer hats in light grey, trimmed with a bow at the front.

Photos from the Asahi Shimbun

5 thoughts on “Japanese Emperor and Empress Celebrate the Disabled Veterans Association

  1. On my computer, both the dress and the hat look a definite lavender colour, not grey! Interesting how differently colours photograph. I like this hat, it is a bit larger than usual, and suits the Empress.

  2. This is a really cute hat, I do like it, so ladylike and sassy at the same time, just wished she had it in a different color. Something tells me that she is told what to wear and has no choice in her clothes when in public, I also noticed that she walks 3 steps behind her husband, ugh, I could not do that regardless of who he might be. She is attractive for her age and very dignified.

  3. As Empress Michiko’s hats go, this one is pretty much her equivalent of a giant cartwheel picture hat! It seems her more typical tiny teacup saucer hats are rarely bigger than just the crown of this hat. And, since everything in Japan is such a matter of very small degrees, this would actually seem to be quite a departure for Her Majesty!

  4. I like this hat, but I wish it was a different color. Every time I see a picture of Empress Michiko she is in gray. Is that her favorite color or does it have some other significance? With her gray hair she would look so lovely in a soft pink or a mint green hat. She should surprise us and wear a bold red picture hat next time! lol

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