Empress Michiko Supports Disabled Swimmers

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan attended a swimming competition yesterday as part of the 13th National Sports Festival for People with Disabilities. The empress must have heard your recent compliments about her grey hat (a slightly larger hat than she usually wears) as she wore a similarly sized hat in cream with slate blue trim. We’re used to seeing her in teeny tiny saucer hats; I think this larger sized saucer hat suits her very well.

Empress Michiko, October 14, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Photo from The Asahi Shimbun

4 thoughts on “Empress Michiko Supports Disabled Swimmers

  1. From what I’ve seen here, this empress usually wears very small hats, yes? This hat looks bigger and it looks very nice on her.

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