Queen Máxima Opens Exhibition

Queen Máxima was back to her turbaned, technicolour self today with a repeat of my least favourite of her hats. She looked very glamorous for an exhibition opening this evening at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam but I’m afraid this hat still looks like a 1950s pin cushion to me. What do you think?

Queen Máxima, Oct. 18, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | The Royal Hats Blog   Queen Máxima, Oct. 18, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | The Royal Hats Blog

Queen Máxima, Oct. 18, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | The Royal Hats Blog   Queen Máxima, Oct. 18, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: December 7, 2012

Photos from Dutch Photo Press

28 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Exhibition

  1. Mercy! I am generally a fan of Queen Maxima’s attire choices, but this outfit leaves me baffled. I don’t think there’s a single element I like here from hat to shoes. That hat! (The outfit was more bearable with the feathered hat at the Luxembourg wedding.) The sleeves! The colors are awful. Fortunately, her beautiful smile overcomes all these problems!

  2. I think the outfit and hat works for Maxima. Not sure this is the sort of ensemble that would work for many other people, but I do think it reflects Maxima’s personality.

      • I think there has been a feeling that it is politer (ie showing more respect / consideration for your interlocutor) to shake hands with ungloved hand (certainly the rule for gentlemen), which I guess Maxima is following. However, lots of other ladies (such as QEII) keep gloves on, so it’s obviously not a universally accepted piece of glove-wearing etiquette.

    • It has something to do with proper etiquette. Mette-Marit of Norway does this to and I’ve seen others. I think it’s viewed as rude or bad manners not to remove your glove when greeting someone with a handshake. But then the Queen of England never removes hers though.

  3. Mustard is not an easy colour to wear even for someone as beautiful as Max. The hat fabric reminds me of an old fashioned chenille bedspread – not a look a queen should be wearing. I also think that turbans look best with the hair in some sort of up-do.

    I know this is a hat blog but I need to say this: I hate Max’s shoes in these photos! The front platform looks out of proportion to the super skinny heel. Also the platform doesn’t seem to support the front of her foot and it looks like she is going to slip off them.

    Sometimes I think she tends to overdress and maybe put on too much jewellery but with her Latina background the fancy clothes and accessories come naturally to her. Even when she it OTT I am still crazy about her though 🙂

  4. I can’t make up my mind if I like this or not. I am not generally a fan of turbans. The side view gives me the impression of a cone head. I think it would have looked better if her hair had been worn up. My five year-old niece just came in the room as I was looking at the hat and she said, “Uncle Rodney, why did that woman wrap yarn around her head?” I had to laugh and I now tend to agree with her! Yarn hat must go! 🙂

  5. The sleeves, the earrings and then the hat are certainly overkill in my opinion! The color is meh,and the hat looks very, very 50s to me, while the dress is very 60s. This outfit is better off back in the closet! Sorry Queen Max!

  6. I think the overall impression of the outfit is fairly good, but I really, really don’t like the hat. (Whereas the one with the feather with which she wore it before was super!)

  7. I am not a fan of turbans, yet this one I really like a lot. The texture, the color, everything about the hat is great. I just don’t like wide sleeves, now why ruin this outfit with those sleeves. Yes, that hat is wonderful on her, first turban I have ever liked, wonder what it’s made of? Anybody know the fabric?

  8. Well, it is definitely more sedate than another hat she wore with this outfit, to Prince Guillaume and Princess Stephanie’s wedding in Luxembourg. (Sorry I don’t know how to post a photo of it.) Someone wondered on another site if she had to sit in the aisle of the bus with that one. Google it and you will see what I mean. Not too sure which one I prefer.

  9. Max wore this dress to the wedding of Guillaume & Stephanie of Luxembourg with a feather hat (huge feather sticking out of it). I loved the hat. Don’t love the sleeves, but she can carry off a lot that wouldn’t do for anyone else. I really dislike this hat. Bad color, bad fabric and I’m not too crazy about the way she is wearing her hair. She looks wonderful with her hair pulled back in various ways. Coincidentally, today Order of Sartorial Splendor blogspot has Max in all the different outfits she has worn to weddings. Check it out.

  10. This outfit + jewelry was worn in October 2012 for the Royal wedding in Luxembourg. I would have prefered if she had worn it with that hat and not this one. Also she looks more polished with her hair pulled back.

  11. I don’t mind the turban. She should have the sleeves of her dress made to be detachable and traded the jewels for some of the black pearls she’s been wearing all week. @ Beachgal, I think she recycles very well and she does have A LOT of clothes. She’s smart enough to pull out some 11 year old outfits.

  12. I think I like this hat…but I really don’t want to see big sleeve arm embellishments come back. They are a pain to wear. she really has been pushing the envelope on her fashions…surely looks as if she is having fun with that but i worry about any message that sends to her countrymen who are not making ends meet all that well with the serious state the economy is in. maybe she gets a lot of her wardrobe given to her to wear for free? is that ever reported in the Danish news?

    • in the Danish news? I suppose you mean Dutch?
      I agree with you on the hat, I quite like it. It matches her top, although it’s a bit voluminous! An appropriate alternative for the feathered hat she wore at the Luxembourg wedding. That would have been for too glamourous for the occasion.

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