Birthday of Empress Michiko

Royal Hats Empress Michiko ( née Michiko Shōda) celebrated her 79th birthday yesterday. To celebrate her birthday, here is one of my favourite of her hats. It is one of her characteristic saucer flat shapes but is trimmed with a spray of lovely blue flowers. We don’t see Michiko wear colour (she sticks to cream and grey a lot of the time) and this hat, paired with a striking pale blue ombre suit and worn for a garden party in April 2007, remains one of my favourites. So pretty.

Empress Michiko, April 26, 2007| The Royal Hats Blog

Photo from Toshiyuki Aizawa via Corbis

8 thoughts on “Birthday of Empress Michiko

  1. What a beautiful elegant lady, the hat is so pretty and the suit is just perfect. I like this hat with the flowers and the cool blue color, she really looks every inch the empress!

  2. She looks very lovely in blue. I am so used to seeing her in gray that I was pleasantly surprised. Does anyone know if there is a reason why she wears so many gray and cream colored outfits or is it just her preference? She looks very elegant here.

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