Birthday of Princess Tessy

Royal Hats Princess Tessy of Luxembourg (née Tessy Antony) celebrates her 28th birthday today. We don’t see much of her (she, her husband Prince Louis and their two young sons live in London where Tessy and Louis are students) except for the most major Luxembourg royal events. Despite her limited time in the spotlight, Tessy is memorable to us millinery fans for her fantastic hats. For National Day in 2011, she wore this turquoise party on her head. To celebrate her birthday, I couldn’t resist taking another peek.

Princess Tessy, June 23, 2011 | The Royal Hats Blog

Photo from Albert van der Werf via Corbis

11 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Tessy

    • Say whatever you want about the hat but it is styled perfectly. It works because it is paired with a very streamlined dress and a slicked back hairstyle. I don’t think I like this hat on its own but the whole look here is STUNNING. I love it when young royals experiment with fashion and get it right.

  1. Happy birthday, Princess! I’m so fond of the level of style she has managed to reach. She started rather low, imo, and her stepmother’s lents, though very kind, were only by chance a success. But lately, her looks are stunning or surprising in the best way. She has gained in confidence, for the best. I like her very much.

    • I don’t care for it myself but she looks good in it. I like how she matched her purse to her hat and wore it with a very simple dress.

  2. It looks terrific. She is an attractive young woman in a slightly unconventional way and can wear unconventional hats to her advantage.

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