The Queen and Duchess of Cornwall Visit Riding Centre

Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cornwall visited the successful and inspirational inner-city Ebony Horse Club & Community Riding Centre in Brixton together this morning. The queen repeated her beautiful watermelon pink rose hat (last seen in Aberdeen earlier this month). I have always liked this hat and after seeing these photos today, which show how beautifully the rose on this hat is constructed, I like it even more. The only thing not to be liked about today’s visit? Camilla’s lack of a hat. I suppose not every day is a hat day but I was surprised to see her without one.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: October 1, 2013;  May 17, 2012

Photos from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “The Queen and Duchess of Cornwall Visit Riding Centre

  1. This is one of my favorite hats on HM definitely because of the beautiful rose. While Camilla looks a bit casual next to HM, she opened her purse and took out a large bag of sugar cubes and proceeded to give all the horses a treat. Love her for that, so I can forgive the lack of a hat today. Perhaps she thought the horses might eat it 😀

  2. So lovely to see ‘the girls’ on an outing together. HM really zings in pinks/reds, from softer tones to vibrant corals and magenta, she always looks great in those hues. The Duchess actually is a lovely counterpoint to the queen with her muted but colorful plaid. Still, one cant help but wish Cams had tucked on a little structured beret, or small brimmed chapeau – Oh, and perhaps a nice brooch while she’s at it….unfortunately, looks a bit ‘unfinished’ next to the Queen.

  3. The Queen looked amazing, she just shines like a bright beautiful star which she is……….the color is fabulous on her, she really is the very best dress lady an queen out there. Hat, coat, jewelry, hair, makeup, gloves not one mistake, have to save this picture of her. Camilla , okay, she dressed in a hurry and forgot her hat…that is okay.

  4. Hat, worn just a few short weeks ago, remains gorgeous. This makes a perfect “working uniform” outfit. Maybe Camilla’s hat blew off.
    What puzzles me is whether the flower on HM QE2’s hat is exactly the same color as the body of the hat (which matches the coat), or whether the flower might match the color of the dress, which is lighter and less orange-red. Colors vary so from photograph to photograph.

  5. The Queen looks lovely. That hat is great. Love that flower. It is beautifully crafted and makes the entire outfit. That color is amazing on the Queen. Perhaps Camilla did not want to distract from the Queen?

  6. The Queen looks fabulous. She really had royal dressing down to an art and I wish the younger generation would take her example to heart. Wear a bright color so the people can see you, add a simple broach or other jewelry, and always wear a hat. Camilla, as is the norm for her, looks a bit of a mess.

  7. I love this hat! She is truly beautiful, and with this hat she is “pretty in pink.” She got everything right here, and she looks wonderful.

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