Belgian King and Queen Complete Inaugural Tour

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium enjoyed the final stop on their inauguration tour of their country with a triumphant entry into the capital, Brussels this morning. For this homecoming, Queen Mathilde unveiled another new hat – a tomato red picture hat with square crown and medium sized, slightly upturned brim.

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I thought the hat shape was wonderful on Mathilde although the colour is REALLY bright. I suppose the hat coordinated well with her coat and dress (better than with a beige dress) and the pieces balance each other. It takes some serious fashion bravery to pull a look like this off.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne

Photos from Getty as indicated

19 thoughts on “Belgian King and Queen Complete Inaugural Tour

  1. I really love this style and color hat on her, the coat…oh go away please. Yes as someone said,, airline seats for sure.

  2. Coat definitely giving off a retro vibe, and not one I personally would want to return to! I commend Mathilde, as always, for not being afraid to make bold choices with clothes and hats, and I love to see interesting and out of the ordinary things. This hat and outfit just don’t appeal to me, though.

  3. There is nothing clownish about this outfit at all! It is an amazing use of colour and pattern to draw the eye to the _whole_ outfit, including the hat. Indeed, the outfit has a high “volume,” but it avoids being over “loud.”
    (To a technical eye it looks very digital. )

  4. Something seems just a bit off in the proportions of the hat…maybe the crown is a bit oversize for the brim…or it sits down too far on her head….just not quite right. Still, Mathilde gets HUGE points for her variety and bravery when it comes to hats. The coat however, looks like an air hostess uniform from a 1970s airline (actually, more like the airline’s seat upholstery fabric)…fun, but not quite what one would hope a queen would wear….Still, as the youngsters might say, You Go Girl!

  5. Love the shape and color of the hat, and I love the coat. I just would have preferred blue or beige with the coat, and the hat paired with something neutral. As they are, they are the hat and coat are competing with each other, and neither gets to shine.

  6. I like this hat very very much! And I don’t mind the coat at all. Sure, she could have gone with the blue or beige in the hat, but I like that she went all out for their final tour stop.

  7. I love the hat on her. She is lovely in this style of hat. I am not a big fan of “bold” or “overwhelming” patterns, so her coat is distracting for me. I think if the pattern had have been the dress only with the coat in a solid color, I would have liked this look more.

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