Dutch King and Queen Spend 2nd Day on Curacao

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima continued their Caribbean tour today with a second day on the island of Curacao.

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Máxima debuted her second new hat of this tour- a whimsical fuchsia pink straw beret trimmed in a mass of pink striped grosgrain ribbon. This hat was a stark contrast from the all-white hat she wore yesterday and provided a bright and very fun exclamation point to her pink yellow and black Ikat print dress.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

I think this hat is great fun and looks fantastic on Máxima.  I would have preferred her shoes and handbag in different colours (the all pink accessories are a little too matchy-matchy for me) but this didn’t diminish how much I adore this hat. I can’t wait to hear your opinions on this one!

Designer: South African milliner Bettina Thomas

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33 thoughts on “Dutch King and Queen Spend 2nd Day on Curacao

  1. The hat is cute but is more of a city or sophisticated style. A wide brimmed hot pink straw would have been better suited to the weather and the environment.

  2. Love the hat, just not with this dress. I think Queen Max needed a big straw and tan/neutral shoes for this one. I think this hat would be perfect with a white silk summer dress at a garden party! It is hot here still, I’m in Florida, USA. Her sunglasses are perfect to me, I always wear giant black ones whether they are in style or not, they are just me. I think Queen Max has had a great trip so far, she is a very lovely woman and dresses well!

  3. Sure I love the elements of this outfit, but mismatched to ocassion I think. The hat is too narrow for Max’s face, and no-one can wear the pancake stuck on the forehead look without appearing a bit ridiculous in my book. (I noted in the October poll it was the wearer who sat the hat further back on the head was voted best.) I also find the ribbon on top too much, and agree it’s like those gift toppers one buys to decorate a parcel. I love pink and yellow together, one of my favourite combinations.Oh how I wish it was fashioned into something looser, floatier and cooler looking. And please tell me Max is not wearing stockings! Mismatched Max again today I think.

  4. I appreciate the creativity of this hat but I must say that I do not like any of these little straw berets expecially when they are stuck on the front of a royal (any royal)’s head. They are not flattering at all. The ribbon is also a little much for anyone over the age of 12.

    • “Straw Berets” – is this a pun on the pink colour? I’ve never liked this style of hat either because they look like little bean bags.

    • Linda, as I have looked at this hat more throughout the day, I also think it is too juvenile and twee for a queen. It is a fun hat but I don’t like it as a royal hat.

  5. I still think she is not pulling her look off for this trip’s destination – the dress and saddles would be fine without the hat but the hat is way too dressy for this outfit and the trip destination. King W looks great and perfectly suited for this days’ activities/local. I feel like Max needs a stylist!

  6. Well it does stand out ! I think the outfit is wrong ( for me either a floral dress or less busy pattern would have been better). I agree the shoes & bag are to matchy but what else could she do with such a bold printed dress ? To have different shoes, different bag and THAT printed dress would be just too much.
    I love this hat though. I think the bows give it a playful quality and is worn at the right angle to frame her face. Her husband looks very informal so it makes Queen Maxima appear more formal. However, she looks great it in. Great colour too – wish I had this hat!

    • Agree – miss-matched or no purse – let another keep it for you would be better…and a nude open sandals would be better. But least she has sandals on and not closed in heals like we have seen a couple days this trip.

  7. I would never, ever, wear such a print but on Maxima and with this hat, it looks great! The hat alone, I love it. And even more by contrast with the deep blue of the sky. But once again, I hate those sunglasses that hide half of her pretty face.

  8. I really like the hat, and Maxima can certainly pull it off. However, I don’t think it goes with the dress, not in terms of colour, but in terms of style. This sort of hat is actually rather formal – it isn’t a style anyone would wear going out in an everyday situation, and it would be perfectly suitable for a wedding or whatever. In contrast, the shirt dress isn’t a formal style, and indeed the hair isn’t a formal style. The hat looks much better in the first picture where one can’t see that her hair is in a pony tail. And it would look better still if her dress had no collar. In terms of whether her level of formality matches the King’s, I think we only seen shots of them in particular situations, whereas they are dressed for a whole day involving all sorts of engagements. I’d be surprised if Willem-Alexander didn’t start the day in a jacket.

  9. I would never wear this in a million years but Queen Maxima can really carry off the hat. I liked her white hat yesterday but I think she looks best in bright colors.

  10. Why is she wearing a hat? W-A is walking around in shirt sleeves and no tie – nice and casual and she is wearing a hat and gloves.

    • Could we instead ponder why Queen Maxima is dressed appropriately for the occasion and King Willem-Alexander is dressed down? Maybe he started off with a suit and tie and ended up taking them off?
      Another scenario might be that Maxima has discovered how much discussion her hats generate on this blog and other royal fashion blogs so gave us a bonus slightly-crazy hat to talk about!!

      • Yes, I agree. There is no reason to think that the King and Queen would treat their Caribbean destination with less courtesy (as shown by their clothing) than anywhere else they have visited on their inaugural tours. It is less easy for a man to dress informally in less hot clothing, so I guess the King takes off his jacket, but he certainly starts the day with one, and wears it when appropriate (for example he was reviewing troops recently). The press tends to pick up on the informal engagements, the beach shots and so on, so I think we get much more of a picture of mismatch between the King and Queen than actually exists.

    • Queen Beatrix also always wore a hat while visiting the Dutch Caribbean and Antilles. When Prince Willem-Alexander was with her there, he did not wear a jacket. Perhaps it is just too hot for him in this climate.

    • I agree – she has been over dressed for this whole trip – her outfits don’t fit the destination at all.She almost got this one today if she had left the hat, purse and gloves home!

  11. I don’t like the colour combination and I think the all pink accessories doesn’t work, its just too much IMO. The hat matched with the shirt dress doesn’t work either.

    • Yes..It does look as if HM ran head first into an icecream parlor…and ended up with a fruitcake for a hairpiece..no pun intended..

  12. I am surprised and shocked at myself, but I really like this hat! I think Queen Maxima looks great here. I am glad she has worn such a wide variety of hats lately. “Variety is the spice of life!” 😉

  13. On anyone else, this hat would be ridiculous. I’m starting to thing that Queen Maxima can wear anthing because she looks great in this!

  14. Queen Maxima looks very bright and festive today. I love her hat and I also liked how her purse and shoes matched. I think an outfit looks more finished off when the accessories match.

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