Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Visit Southwark Cathedral

Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Southwark Cathedral in London this morning to view a new stained glass window that was created by Leifur Breidfjord to mark the Queen’s Damond Jubilee. The Queen repeated her purple wool felt Homburg style hat, a hat style we’ll learn more about next week. The shape of this crown (characteristic to this style of hat) with its two ‘bumps’ is not my favourite shape but I do like this hat on the Queen. There’s something about the slightly tilted brim, the narrow black band around the crown and the beautiful shade of aubergine that just works. I know we’ve seen this hat before but I’m curious what the rest of you think about it.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: May 13, 2013; Feb. 3, 2013; Nov. 26, 2012; Oct. 25, 2012; Nov. 11, 2009 

Photos from Getty as indicated

7 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Visit Southwark Cathedral

  1. I like this hat… It evokes the feeling of a fedora for me, in a good way. If she tucked it down over one eye at an angle, I’d expect her to say a smooth phrase in French (which she speaks fluently). The outfit’s color is vibrant and gorgeous! My goodness, a real stand-out!

  2. This hat has been around the years, although it’s been altered since its initial wearings. In its earliest appearances the brim was wider. About the same time, the coat lost its two top brass buttons. Compare: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/the-queen-and-prince-philip-attend-armistice-day-service-to-news-photo/92990449
    What I really like about this outfit is that it’s so different from most of the Queen’s outfits. Color is fabulous too.

    • Great observation. I’m working on a post for next week that details several small “tweaks” The Queen has made to some of her hats over the years. This is one of them and I agree- the colour is marvelous as is the smaller brim on this hat.

  3. Her Majesty is certainly looking regal in purple! She looks good in this hat. The people who can call her their queen are lucky indeed.

  4. So this is one of my all time favourites of hers, this whole rigour is so elegant – and surprisingly youthful for an 87 year old. My only beef? The brim used to be wider – and I liked that better, she can work a wide brim and still be seen.

    And I do wish is known in advance – I work right by The Shard; I’d have said hello!

  5. I do like the hat, but then I am a person that loves purple. What I like even more is the smiley Queen! She looks relaxed and as though she is having a good time.

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