How It’s Made: Suzanne Newman

The Royal Hats Blog American premiere hat designer Suzanne Newman has made hats for royals including Infanta Elena of Spain and Princess Marie Chantal of Greece. Several years ago, she made a hat for Martha Stewart and documented the process. This five minute video, with commentary from both the designer and the wearer, gives great insight into the making of a royal hat.

8 thoughts on “How It’s Made: Suzanne Newman

  1. Does anybody know if there is a photo of Martha wearing this custom hat? I was expecting the video to end with her at the Central Park event in her suit and hat.

  2. This is one of the best videos on making a hat I have seen sofar. Suzanne seems such a nice person. I really enjoyed it, thanks HatQueen.

  3. That was so interesting, and it was a beautiful hat! I wish we could have seen Martha wearing it. Thank you HatQueen for such entertaining posts. I look forward to seeing what you have decided to share with us each day.

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