Belgian Royal Couple Visit Luxembourg

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium visited Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa at the Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg this morning. Queen Mathilde unveiled a new hat- at first glance, it looked like a royal blue pillbox but at closer look, this is actually a calot style (notice how it sits like a cap on the crown of Mathilde’s head). This hat looks to be covered in the same blue silk as Mathilde’s coat and was trimmed in dark blue feathers. It’s a great colour on her (look at how her blue eyes ‘pop’) and I thought she wore it very well.

 Queen Mathilde, Dec. 2, 2013| The Royal Hats Blog Queen Mathilde, Dec. 2, 2013| The Royal Hats Blog

Queen Mathilde, Dec. 2, 2013| The Royal Hats BlogQueen Mathilde, Dec. 2, 2013| The Royal Hats Blog Queen Mathilde, Dec. 2, 2013| The Royal Hats Blog

Curiously, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa did not wear a hat. What did you think of Queen Mathilde’s new hat today?

Photos from Dutch Photo Press

11 thoughts on “Belgian Royal Couple Visit Luxembourg

  1. Love everything about her hat and outfit, and yes her eyes do sparkle and shine in this color. It’s a great outfit for her.

  2. Calot/Pillbox? So close it’s hard to distinguish. But Mathilde looks fabulous! She is a little more formal than some of her peers, but she is never afraid to push the envelope too. Here, she just looks classy.

  3. Love the hat, love the colour. Next comment is not about hats, but how much I dislike ladies wearing fur coats. María Teresa can wear beautiful coats, she is lovely and sweet, doesn’t need to wear animal fur.

  4. I love this hat on Queen Mathilde. Her hat looks very nice paired with her coat, and this color looks great on her. I really like Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s dress, but I wish she had worn a hat. Both royal ladies looked very elegant and their husbands looked very distinguished.

  5. Royal blue for a very royal hat! I don’t usually like feathers but this hat is beautiful. And yes, I noticed it is a calot instead of a pillbox! It is wonderful to learn about the different kinds of hats here in addition to seeing the royal hats.

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