Japanese Emperor Celebrates 80th Birthday

The Imperial Royal Family celebrated Emperor Akihito’s 80th birthday yesterday with an appearance on the balcony of the Imperial Palace.

Japanese Royal Family, December 23, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Crown Princess Masako repeated a pale blue Breton style hat with flat crown and rolled brim, made in the same monochrome printed silk as her tailored dress. It’s a demure hat that looks quite good on her, especially with her hair back in a lovely chignon as she was wearing it today.

Princess Masako, December 23, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Dec. 9, 2010; Dec. 22, 2009; Dec 23, 2005

Princess Kiko repeated her mint green pillbox hat. Her daughter, the Emperor’s oldest grandchild Princess Mako, wore a bumper hat with tightly upfolded brim (that, from the front, looks like a pillbox) in bright turquoise. I thought this hat, paired with her side swept hair and pearl jewelry, looked marvelously retro-chic on her. The vibrant colour made it my favourite of the day.

Princess Kiko, December 23, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog Princess Mako, December 23, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designers: unknown
Princess Kiko’s Previous Wearing: December 23, 2006

Photos from The Imperial Family of Japan, Yuya Shinto/Reuters via Paris Match and BestImage via Pure People

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