Updates and Corrections

I have three items of interest for you, dear readers.

The Royal Hats BlogFirst up is a gentle reminder to share your thoughts about the biggest hat trend of 2013 today, before I tally up results for the last post of 2013 tomorrow. If you don’t have thoughts on this topic I encourage you to read the comments there because they are so interesting and wonderfully insightful.

Second, reader George A has graciously shared a personal photo of Queen Elizabeth in the (now infamous) fur hat she wore this Christmas, taken back in January 1997. You can see it along with some interesting discussion about this hat in the “Mystery of the Black Fur Hat” post. 

And finally… the lovely red beret Princess Anne wore to church yesterday was not a new hat, as I reported. I really should know better than to declare any of her hats to be new! I have updated the post with this information, including a video clip from Princess Eugenie’s christening in 1990 that shows Princess Anne wearing this hat. Thanks to readers Jelsta and George A for pointing this out.

Princess Anne, December 29, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Photo from Andrew Parsons/I-Images via The Daily Mail

2 thoughts on “Updates and Corrections

  1. Think how interesting it would be to be offered a tour of the clothing and hat storage for the royal family and to hear the system for cataloging and retrieving these items. These hats cannot just be squished together in the bottom of some wardrobe, after all. I suppose that the remnants for the coat, dress and hat materials are stored forever too.

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