Most Prolific Royal Hat Designers of 2013

Hat Query  Longtime reader Guiliana asked, “Of all the hat designers, whose hats did we see most last year? Which designers hats were the most popular?”

This is a question I can roughly estimate, at best. There are many hats that go unidentified so the following statistics are based only on hats with confirmed designers (about half of the overall total). I also decided to count the number of times a hat was seen (instead of the number of individual hats we saw) as I thought it would provide a more accurate indication of the popularity of each designer’s work. So, our rough summary of royal hats in 2013 looks something like this:

The Royal Hats Blog Designer Summary for 2013

The two newest queens in Europe are both longtime wearers of Fabienne Delvigne’s millinery so it’s no surprise that she is the designer whose work we saw most this year. If these two young queens keep wearing hats, I expect Fabienne Delvigne will be very busy again this year. It is also not a surprise that the number two and three spots belong to the designers of Queen Elizabeth hats, and the fourth spot, the designer of Queen Beatrix’s hats.

If you would like to look more closely at the work of any of these designers, I have added a section on the “In The Design” page linking to all of their individual websites. I understand that many readers are not interested in designer information but I think it’s an important facet to the royal hats we all know and love. There would be no royal hats without these talented designers.

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