Te Deum for the New Princess

The Swedish Royal Family formally celebrated the birth of their newest member, Princess Leonore, with a Te Deum service in the Royal Chapel in Stockholm. Queen Silvia wore a classic pillbox hat in powder pink to mark this celebration of her new granddaughter. I can only imagine the colour of this hat was deliberate (cue the “aaahs”) and Silvia always looks good in a pillbox.

Queen Silvia, March 2, 2014 | The Royal Hats Blog

Crown Princess Victoria wore a large white feather fascinator around her chignon. To be honest, I thought it was messy headpiece and made her look like a kagu. I want to be kind but I know she can do so much better.

Princess Victoria, March 2, 2014 | The Royal Hats Blog Princess Victoria, March 2, 2014 | The Royal Hats Blog

Previously Worn: April 16, 2010

Countess Marianne Bernadotte of Wisborg (widow of King Carl Gustaf’s uncle Count Sigvard Bernadotte of Wisborg) chose what looks like a hat with a wide fur upturned brim. While I am not usually a fan of fur hats, I do like how well this one paired with the matching stole and cuffs on her coat. The whole look was quite regal.

Countess Marianne Burnadotte of Wisborg, March 2, 2014 | The Royal Hats Blog

Sofia Hellqvist, longtime girlfriend of Prince Carl Philip, wore small beaded black headpiece. It’s a little small and cutesey for me but since she is not officially a royal it seemed appropriate. Since we see Sofia consistently at these Swedish Royal Family events, I can only imagine it is a matter of time before she officially joins the family.

Sofia Hellqvist, March 2, 2014 | The Royal Hats BlogThese hats fell a little flat for me today- what do you think?

Photos from Pelle T Nilsson via Expressen

14 thoughts on “Te Deum for the New Princess

  1. I almost fell out of my chair when I clicked on the link to see what a kagu was! LOL Queen Silvia’s hat was my favorite of the day.

    • Your comment made my day! My mother scolded me that I should be kinder to Crown Princess Victoria but I can’t see that headpiece and not think of a kagu.

  2. I thought Sofia’s hair ornament very suitable, as being a non-royal (ie. non-hat wearing based on other members of the congregation) and I thought the dark colour helped keep it from looking too juvenile. The rest of the outfit…well, she is clearly trying, so points for that.

  3. I do like Queen Syivia’s pillbox, she wears them well, although it isn’t my favourite hat form. Sofia’s adornment is so discreet it might as well not be there! The fur hat looks good on the Countess as part of the ensemble. Victoria’s feathers are rather juvenile (and I love your link to the kagu, spot on!)

  4. I agree that the feather headpiece hardly qualifies as a hat but she looked lovely for all that. I liked the fur hat and trimmed coat. Very nice, very appropriate I thought. I don’t think the looks were ‘flat’. I think that a pop of colour, perhaps, would be all that was needed. After all, it’s a new princess!

  5. Loved Queen Sylvia’s pink pillbox. It really worked with the rest of her ensemble. Victoria looked wonderful of course but, the feathery thing didn’t ever qualify as a fascinator. I looked OK on one side and the other looked like an albino rooster’s comb! Sofia’s outfit did indeed look cutesy, which on grown woman gives me pause, but the length of the skirt was just plain wrong. Not in Church and Not at a Royal (or any other for that matter) Te Deum!

  6. Silvia, as usual, is lovely and appropriate. Love her expression in this pic. Disappointing outing for Vic, as pointed out she is capable of much better. Nice effort on Sofia’s part. Agree with the idea of a bit less for an unofficial Royal, though she could have gone a little bigger without crossing that line. The fur, while nicely styled, seems heavy and overdone for this occasion, IMO.

  7. Queen Silvia’s pillbox looks lovely – I only hope that it is not one of those hats with no top to them – has anyone seen a back view?

  8. I had not known what a kagu was, but the resemblance is startling. Those feathers look dramatic on the bird, less so on the Crown Princess. The queen’s hat is all right, the girlfriend’s barely noticeable since it’s virtually the same color as her hair.

  9. The Queen looks lovely in her pillbox. I’ve noticed that her hair is more natural lately and it looks lovely on her. I too believe CP Victoria could have tried a little harder. Maybe her daughter (and forgive me but my brain just blanked on her name) was playing with the headpiece just before they left for church. Sofia needed a bit more I think, a flower on the headpiece maybe. Lovely ladies though celebrating a new Princess! Thank you Hat Queen for sharing with us! I love your blog!

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