British Royals Visit Royal Commonwealth Society

Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh  and the Earl of Wessex visited the Royal Commonwealth Society in Westminster today. The Queen repeated one of her ‘split crown’ hats, this one in textured cream and gold wool check. The photos today give us a closer look at this hat than we have seen before; I love how the gold feather draws out the square pattern of the fabric and how the black feather coordinates with the trim on the coat. We have been rather critical of many of Angela Kelly’s designs here (fair criticism, I do believe), but I think this ensemble is wonderfully tailored and looks beautiful on Her Majesty.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: March 20, 2013; October 31, 2012; July 19, 2012

I wonder- do you think this neutral outfit was specifically chosen to coordinate with the colourful logo of the Royal Commonwealth Society? Coincidence or not, this outfit and hat was perfect for this event.

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13 thoughts on “British Royals Visit Royal Commonwealth Society

  1. A neutral outfit, but full of interest. This is an excellent hat, I think. I enjoy the slight edginess of the many higher crowned hats, but actually I like the proportions of this one better!

  2. Miss Kelly does deserve kudos when they are appropriate, and this is one of her designs where things do work.
    It’s not overtly twee or overdone — the taste level is good. The scale is nice, and the split crown works with the overall design rather than fighting it. The hat actually looks elegant and well consructed rather than having a craft project vibe.
    Plus it looks LOVELY on Her Majesty.
    Three cheers for this effort, and may we have more like this —- please?!

  3. I also think this is one of Kelly’s better hat designs. But I do wish she would switch up the fabrics she uses. I think far too many of the Queen’s coats appear to be made of upholstery fabric, adding unnecessary bulk and making the Queen look stiff. Do wish HM would work with other designers.

    • You make a really good point about the bulky upholstery material look. It’s not just the coats; when the dress fabric matches, as in this case, that’s two layers. Coats are always lined, and from time to time photographs show that the dress is lined too. That’s four layers. Even more layers could come when the coat/dress combo has a matching short jacket. When the Queen is photographed in the full-length coat and a few hours later in the shorter jacket, I trust that the jacket was put on when the coat was taken off. With six layers (3 fabric, 3 lining), the Queen couldn’t bend her elbows.

  4. Upturned brim. Yes indeed. That is very nice. Still not a fan of the split crown but it is better. Somehow though, that color makes her pearls look dirty to me.

  5. I like the way she’s used the grain of the fabric to play up the lines of the hat as well.

  6. I’m often not a fan of her split crown hats – that is when they are more stove-top – they look like something the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland would wear. But this one is nice in my book. The crown is shorter than the taller ones (least from the angles we see here). I am always a fan of winter/white and creams/bisque even when they are not ‘the’ colors of that season per runway fashions/magazine editors have deemed in.

  7. I like everything about this outfit: the fabric, the trim on the coat, the fact that the trim’s colors were repeated in the hat’s feathers rather than simply putting more of the coat trim up there (which probably would have worked too), and the split crown. The split crown adds interest to what from a distance could appear to be a relatively plain outfit, and the brim on this particular model is of perfect proportion.

    • Agreed- the brim is in perfect proportion. I like how it is ever so slightly higher on one side than the other. This is subtle but makes such a difference.

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