Birthday of Princess Claire of Luxembourg

Royal HatsOne of the newest royals, Princess Claire of Luxembourg (née Claire Lademacher) celebrates her 29th birthday today. So far, we have only seen Claire in three hats (here, here and here) and these choices do not tell us much about her millinery style. I would love to see this academic princess (she is completing a PhD in bioethics) take on a distinctly modern millinery style and I think British milliner Vivien Sheriff would be a great designer for her. Any one of these hats, from Vivien Sheriff’s Spring Summer 2013 collection, would be striking on Princess Claire

Vivien Sheriff Surf Vivien Sheriff Rolo Vivien Sheriff Sol Vivien Sheriff Odette

What hat or hat designer would you like to see Princess Claire wear?

Photos from Vivien Sheriff

32 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Claire of Luxembourg

  1. Many of these hats are too fancy and froufrou. What’s wrong with a simple black and white hat for a young princess?

  2. Sorry Janea – to each his own, but I think that red cloche is…well, I hate it. A lot. I agree with Hat Queen that tithe tipped platter style would look very well on Claire. The peacock Philip Treacy is nice too, although I find his hats overall a mixed bag, design – wise. Given the veil-without-a-hat Claire wore, I hope her taste doesn’t run to the avant garden. She seems perfect for more classic designs.

  3. I would love to see Princess Claire in Philip Treacy for obvious reasons. To be honest, I think the hat Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore to Claire’s wedding would have looked a lot better on Claire! Here’s a similar design but with flowers that would be stunning on her

    • I agree. The blue one is also fantastic.
      I was thinking something more French and chic for Claire (maybe because she got married in France and she and that gorgeous husband of hers are living my romantic dream running a French winery? Sorry I don’t know the designer of this hat but I think it would be amazing on Claire

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