Tribute to Windsor Greys Unveiled

Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh were joined in Windsor by The Duke of Cambridge this morning to unveil the Windsor Greys Statue. This statue marks the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation last year and pays homage to the important role played by Windsor Greys in the ceremonial life of the Royal Family and Great Britain.

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For this occasion, Queen Elizabeth repeated a creamy white coat and coordinating hat with mushroom brim (vented on one side), side feather spray and braided sash around the crown.

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It is a larger hat than we usually see on Her Majesty and I think the high crown set the proportions of this hat askew. With her snow-white hair, I also think the Queen looks better in a little colour. My verdict of this hat? Fine… but not memorable (and certainly not as memorable as those beautiful horses). I am interested to hear what you, dear readers, thought of this new hat.

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Designer:  Marie O’Reagan 
Previously Worn: October 14, 2005October 15, 2004; April 5, 2004

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17 thoughts on “Tribute to Windsor Greys Unveiled

  1. I love this look on her… a breath of fresh air after so many bright, vibrant colors. I like the touches of black. She looks like one of the beautiful white blossoms on the trees. It’s subdued and classy.
    Given how tiny she is in real life, I think the added height on her hat helps her to hold her own with everyone else. I would guess that seeing her in motion and in person in the actual setting would give us a better perspective.
    I am thoroughly impressed by the folks who can trace hats back many years. How delightful. I can’t remember what I wore 2 days ago, much less what someone else wore 10 years ago!

  2. Not my favourite hat from front on. It’s a bit high in the crown and the brim looks a bit wonky too. Perhaps it was stored poorly and needs a good steam/re-blocking. It looks better from the side I think and I love the subtlety of the grey and white frou frou decoration. It’s always good to see daffodils, blossoms and now those dynamic statues of the Windsor Greys. And the Queen and the dukes of course!

  3. Not my favorite hat, but not horrible. Since there is still snow in my part of the world, I am really distracted by all those lovely blossoms behind HM! The DoE looks exceptionally well!

  4. I’m not a huge fan of the hat — as others have said, the crown is too high and I’m not a huge fan of the split brim. But the mushroom brim shape in front is very flattering to Her Majesty’s beautiful face. Honestly, she gets lovelier with age, if such a thing is possible!

  5. I like the coat but don’t particularly care for the hat. I didn’t know the term “mushroom brim” and don’t find at the one-sided vent appealing. The front brim is too straight — needs a little lift in the center. I think the hat is slightly larger than we usually we nowadays but typical for her 10-year-old hats.
    (I wonder if someone thought of this hat since they’re obviously getting her France wardrobe ready for June.)

  6. I actually REALLY like this on Her Majesty. It’s a different shape and height than she normally wears. Well done!

  7. Not exactly hat related, but I can’t help noticing that one of the horses is trotting while the other is cantering, which would make for an uncomfortable ride in the carriage!

  8. I don’t mins the hat – and rather like her in white. However… The hat is far from new! First worn almost ten years ago to the day when arriving on a tour to France! Funny how she sometimes delves right to the back of the closet!

    • Thanks, Lex! I searched back to 2005 and when I didn’t see it, thought it was safe to declare this a new hat. I really, really should know better.

  9. The crown is too big and too high. Not sure I really like the Queen in all white – it’s more wintery than spring-like. I do like the coat fabric, just not in that colour.

  10. I agree with the white on white point. A little contrasting color would be a good thing. The height of the hat does seem uncomfortably heading toward a top hat from My Fair Lady, so yes, I think your verdict is pretty spot on.

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