Queen Elizabeth Attends Newbury Races

Queen Elizabeth was spotted enjoying the Dubai Duty Free Weekend at Newbury racecourse earlier today (some of you might remember the Queen’s horse winning this event last year). Accompanying her wide smile was a well worn hat we have not seen in a while – a claret red top hat with fluted crown and small, upturned brim edged in black trim. I can’t ever imagine a top hat being a good idea for the Queen… am I the only one who sees this hat and irrationally expects that she will pull a cane out of her purse and break out into Vaudeville song and dance? My dislike of this hat aside, I must admit it is cheeky and rather fun. And I can’t help having a chuckle about it every time I see it. What do you think of this hat? 

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown. My guess is Philip Somerville or Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: March 13, 2008; October 19, 2007; May 24, 2007; May 19, 2006; February 5, 2006January 1, 2006; November 8, 2005; May 18, 2005

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17 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Attends Newbury Races

  1. I looked at this hat for a while and just couldn’t figure it out until I read what you wrote ( I couldn’t place it as a top hat and that’s exactly what it is!). I think this style is best left to the royal men although The Queen looks so good in red. Pity because this hat doesn’t look quite right.

  2. More likely to be Mr Somerville? It just seems too austere to be a Kelly design…though if it had a riot of bows and attenuated feathers and buttons and flowers added to it, there would be no question of provenance!
    It is a bit shocking to see HM in something so against the grain of what she has been wearing lately, but like a palate cleanser in the midst of a long multi course formal dinner, it certainly gives one a pause and is a nice break from the more elaborate recent designs. Is it a good hat? That’s a matter of personal preference, but HM seems happy in it, which is all that ever matters!
    The single black hatpin does make it look like some bug has landed there!

  3. This is unlike the style of the Queen’s more recent hats, and I do like to see a bit of variety. I like the split brim which adds interest and turns it into a lady’s hat. I wouldn’t say it’s a favourite, but it is very appropriate to something she is attending as a private individual (not a royal engagement), that isn’t as dressy – and certainly not as summery – as the race meetings later in the season.

  4. I had the same thought as you HatQueen. A top hat/? Worn by Her Majesty? I think it looks quite odd, the width of the brim is out of balance with the height of the crown. In its favour, it’s not a fascinator!

  5. An observant person will note that part of the Queen’s style is a fresh look every day. So if we don’t like a hat or coat one day, we know the adventure will continue on the morrow.

  6. Well, this sure took me by surprise! I had to keep looking at it to see what was wrong…………it’s not her style, it’s too small on her. If there was a wider brim and a shorter crown, then it would be nice. I really do like this color on her, and the black trim on a different size hat would be okay also. And maybe a scarf around the neck, just a small design in cream, black and the color, claret, of the coat. She sure is a busy lady and at her age, such a joy to see her out like this!

  7. I don’t mind the distinctive shape and I like the black trim. Like others I have grown used to the Queen in broader brims but I love that at her age she cares to mix things up. Sometimes I trawl through images of the Queen’s hats through the years and am amazed at the variety and the boldness. If she is wearing a hat, I assume along with HatQueen it is because she likes it not because she has been hoodwinked by her dresser or a milliner..

  8. This hat reminds me of a question I have had for a while now. How do hat pins work? Does the pointy end just sit in your hairdo? Do you stick it all the way through the front and the back and put a cap on it?

  9. Oh yes, the old Harpo Marx hat. (If you google “photo harpo marx,” you’ll see the resemblance.)
    I like the idea of rooting through the Queen’s closet and finding outfits not worn in almost a decade, but this never was a particularly attractive one. Donate it.

  10. I like this hat! I like most of the hats HM wears, with their structure and upright habit. My main complaint would be the red colour looks more like a fall choice than spring, but maybe she is tired of pink and blue.

  11. I have to wonder if some hat designers-looking at you Angela-aren’t snickering behind their hand at what they’ve foisted on a poor old lady, and she fell for it!

    • I don’t think anyone honored to design for the Queen would do anything so heartless and unprofessional. Nor do I think the Queen is easily duped. It is well documented that she puts considerable input into what she wears.

  12. Some days you just really fancy a good root in the back of the wardrobe don’t you!

    I don’t mind this dandy titfer. You can tell it’s an older style, her style has moved on a fair bit since then. I prefer her in a wider brim, but it’s a great colour.

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