Duchess of Cornwall Remembers Brother

The Duchess of Cornwall attended the funeral of her younger brother, Mark Shand, today in Dorset. She wore black picture hat covered in ostrich plumes.

Duchess of Cornwall, May 1, 2014 in Philip Treacy | Royal Hats

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: November 11, 2012; November 12, 2011; November 9, 2008

13 thoughts on “Duchess of Cornwall Remembers Brother

  1. You have all covered everything I wanted to say. Thank you all for the chance to observe and admire but with respect.

  2. Normally I would restrict my comments to what the site is intended for–hats, but today I will simply say thank you for not posting the picture of Camilla in tears. It was quite an invasion. Also, I love that Charles is not only holding her hand but that their fingers are intertwined. Perfectly loving display. That’s all.

  3. It’s a stunning outfit and a wonderful photo. The hat obviously is black in the other wearings, but today’s hat does look navy. (Could she have two?) I hope she wears this outfit again — at a happier occasion.

  4. I know it’s not the right time… But Camilla looks absolutely stunning. That suit is beautiful, and so flattering. I feel very sad for her loss, it was far too soon – and her brother seemed a much loved character.

    • I think her suit is navy but the hat is black. If you look back at its previous wearings, you’ll see it is black. I suppose she dressed to match Charles’ navy suit and black tie. I’m not usually a fan of black and navy together but it looks beautiful today.

  5. Thanks for the respectful photo and coverage. All the other royal sites showing Camilla crying are tasteless.

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