Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Celebrate Journalists’ Charity

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Journalists’ Charity at Stationers’ Hall in London today. The Queen wore what I think might be a new hat in cream straw with a squared crown and small, flat brim. While I like the shape on Her Majesty, the embellishment made this hat one I do not like. The silk calla lilies look unattractive and their placement, plumb in the middle of the Queen’s forehead, is unfortunate. The cream jacquard band around the brim relates neither to rest of the hat or to the Queens suit, making me wonder if this hat was made to match another outfit? 

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new. 

18 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Celebrate Journalists’ Charity

  1. Aha know I am rather to Join this conversation, but I strongly suggest no, am almost certain that the hat was made for the magnolia suit that Her Majesty wore to a reception at the Royal Academy of the Arts on the 11 October 2016. She has subsequently worn the dress on it’s own a number of times. I would strongly advise you to look at an HD image of the event- the fabric of the dress and the hat band of this hat is EXACTLY THE SAME-
    It always confuses me when Her Majesty “mix and matches” her hats and coats!! Very confusing

    • mattmee5, here is a photo from the reception you mentioned, and I agree that the fabric of that suit seems to match this hat.
      Embed from Getty Images

    • No question- the hatband on the hat and the suit are the same fabric. If I was a betting woman, I’d also bet they were designed to go together. That leaves an interesting question- what happened to the original suit? Was this suit specifically made to coordinate with the hat as well? We have a millinery mystery here!

  2. I’m torn between liking and dislikng this hat. While does look very nice, it has an element of moulded plastic. Perhaps its the embossing on the band.

  3. In some photos the jacquard band (which unusually for the Queen’s AK hats isn’t the same material as the suit) has a lovely sheen which I feel complements the material of the suit (possibly a slubbed silk).I find the tapering of the hat band artful and the callas make a simple but elegant decoration in contrast with Rachel Trevor Morgan’s exquisite hats with their gorgeous flowers. An elegant showing for an elderly Queen (maybe her skirt is a little long) and one that clearly delighted her audience. It will be interesting to see if a suit in that jacquard material turns up.

  4. I get a little anxious when I don’t agree with you. I adore this hat. It looks just the right size and shape for HM. Often her pictures look like Queen with Hat to me. But this looks like what I think a hat should be, a graceful accent that picks up on colors and/or designs in the rest of the outfit. The lilies reflect her gloves and give a lovely, gentle glow…in my humble opinion

    • My goodness- half the fun of this blog is hearing when you don’t agree with me! I love hearing why all of you dear readers do/do not like particular hats. It’s all subjective and quite personal, these fashion choices.

  5. I don’t mind it actually. I did comment a little while back the embellishments on her hats are always at the left, and this breaks the pattern – I think we can see why they are on the left – it is better. I also wondered if this was the suit worn during the Golden Jubilee celebrations – I prefer the original hat, that was lovely, but I don’t think this is a terrible sub for it.

  6. At first, MrFitzroy thought that perhaps the band could be considered ribbon trim, so being a contrast to the dress fabric would make some sense…but for that to fly, the binding trim on the brim should match the rest of HM’s ensemble, and it does not.
    It does appear however, that the jacquard pattern incorporates Calla lilies in the design? That would at least give some basis for floral trim selection.
    The hat shape itself is really not bad, the jacquard actually adds some interest….. but here once again, we see the taste level in the selection and placement of the embellishment submarine the whole thing.
    It is so unfortunate to see HM wear a hat which looks as though the trimming was pulled from the bottom of a craft store bin and slapped on with hot glue — and absolutely no asthetic thought or placement finesse.
    This could have been a lovely hat….

  7. I do like the calla lilies as I thought that was unique. As mentioned earlier today I wish her hats were a different shape…not as sharp edged. Too many are similar to each other so it would be nice to see a change.
    Off subject, the Queen’s eyes are so telling, full of wisdom but getting perhaps tired. Revealing.fantastic picture. It talks.

  8. Hello. Thankyou Snug Harbor, I think you may be completely correct. The suit looks the same (with button done up this time) and the hat would certainly look a little old style this time round. Thanks for the comparison. Therefore, despite the fact that I too don’t really think the hat works for me this time, I applaud Her Majesty for recycling her outfits. Cheers.

  9. Although I too believe this is a new hat, this is an old suit. See picture from 2002:
    http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/cathy-freeman-of-australia-meeting-hrh-queen-elizabeth-at-news-photo/1175781 (And the suit may not have been new then.)
    Your comment about the jacquard band’s possibly having been made for another outfit is interesting. The old 2002 hat appears to have been made with the suit fabric. Perhaps the Queen thought the 2002 hat now too dated because of its larger size.

  10. Oh I think the taupe accents on the hat work well with the twill of the same color in her suit – the latter probably are a tad washed out in the photo lighting but I bet in person the 2 look stunning together. I also would have moved the calla lilies a tad to her left or right but it’s not horrible in my book – not making her look like a cyclops is on her head. She looks lovely. I cannot imagine where she keeps all the hats! She must have an entire wing of rooms with nothing but hat closest in it!

  11. Overall, I like the hat. I don’t like the calla lilies, but I like the jacquard band. It does look as though it were designed for a different outfit.

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