Queen Margrethe at Bible Society Anniversary

On Sunday, May 11, Queen Margrethe attended a service celebrating the Bible Society’s 200th anniversary at the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen. She repeated a peach and cream hat she has worn numerous times before, although I think it is the first time we are seeing it here on Royal Hats. While I love the colour blocking on this hat  (it’s not often we see a royal hat with a crown and brim in different colours),  don’t like this colour of fleshy peach on Margrethe. What do you think?

Queen Margrethe, May 11, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 6, 2012September 4, 2012May 24, 2011;  September 16, 2010June 8, 2010September 10, 2009September 7, 2009

Photos from Jens Anstrup/Scanpix via Kongehuset

5 thoughts on “Queen Margrethe at Bible Society Anniversary

  1. Thanks for providing pictures of previous outings of this hat (and outfits), it makes really interesting viewing! Yes, I like the hat too, especially after it was pointed out (thanks SH) that the underside of the brim is in off-white. Would have been way too peachy peachy otherwise. Score 8/10.

  2. This is an interesting hat: not only does one have the color blocking on the outside, but the underneath side of the brim is the off-white color (in pictures from previous wearings). Although today’s picture is not so flattering as some of the older ones, I like this hat. The color is different in older pictures too. Check out the 2009 wearings.

    • The colour does look different- that shows how widely photos can range in displaying colour- but it’s the same hat and suit! The fabric of the hat and Queen Margrethe’s jacket is the same small check. From a distance, the pattern is very difficult to see.

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