Wessexes Celebrate Royal Marines in Scotland

The Earl of Wessex and the Countess of Wessex arrived at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh yesterday where they inspected the guard of honour from the 42 Commando Royal Marines. This event kicked off the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines and it was no surprise to see both the Earl and Countess in hats for the occasion. Sophie paired a pale blue  straw percher hat trimmed with rolled organdy twirls and a pair of angular feathers. I thought the hat softened her militaristic coat dress and although the colour palate was very subdued, it worked. What do you think of this saucy little straw hat?

Countess of Wessex, May 16, 2014 in Jane Taylor | Royal Hats

Designer: Jane Taylor. As I suspected, it is a bespoke version of the “Bluebell” hat
Previously Worn: this is a new hat

Photo from Splash News via Corbis

6 thoughts on “Wessexes Celebrate Royal Marines in Scotland

  1. Sophie is a real winner in the titfer stakes. I have to admit I rarely dislike any of her hats and this is certainly no exception. I like that she chose to give a very neutral palatte a beautiful “pop” of blue.

  2. Have seen a couple of other pictures of this hat and it is a very Baby Blue colour, which doesn’t really go with the colour of the coat IMO. A paler shade of blue and/or a little more of the embellishments in the matching (taupe?) perhaps. The coat is a super elegant look though isn’t it – I’m pretty sure it’s an Alexander McQueen. Thanks.

  3. Sophie very rarely wears a hat that I don’t like, and this one is no exception. I like the little bit of color with this outfit. She has learned well, in my opinion, how to balance “interesting” with “conservative” as befitting the wife of a monarch’s youngest son.

  4. Nice colour. Looks like many others though again the picture does not show it well. Overall she looks sophisticated.

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