Queen Elizabeth In Déjà Vu Blue

A Hat Query Earlier this week, Queen Elizabeth wore a summery white straw hat with turquoise trim for a visit to Portsmouth Naval Base. Several of you eagle eyed readers emailed to ask if this was the second hat the Queen has worn with this coat. Take a look at this: 

   Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

May 20, 2014

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

July 12, 2002

While these two coats and dresses appear to be made from a very similar pattern, they are not the same. The shades of blue are slightly different, the coat collars are different, and the dress fabric (which also trims the collar on the coat) is different. The dress we saw earlier this week is a turquoise and white print while the other dress is a turquoise floral (note the same fabric on the hat). I think, in the end, these hats were both custom made for each of the outfits and are not interchangeable. I prefer the first ensemble- which one do you prefer?

Designer of May 20 , 2014 hat: I suspect Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: July 21, 2010; June 18, 2010 

Designer of July 212, 002 hat: unknown. I suspect Frederick Fox
Previously Worn: June 7, 2003, July 12, 2002

10 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth In Déjà Vu Blue

  1. I prefer the deeper blue outfit but the white and turquoise hat. The collar lies better on the deeper blue, and the seaming on the coat is better. The small collar on the turquoise with the boxier cut of the jacket is less flattering.

  2. I understand that the turquoise outfit was made by Karl Ludwig Rehse who has been making clothes for the Queen since 1988 and is an established London couturier of good reputation. It is hard to imagine that he supplies clothing of poor quality to the Queen although I find the loose style of this coat less attractive than her more tailored styles. I agree that there is often a more ” homely’ feel to some of the Queen’s clothes than say the sharply tailored outfits that the Duchess of Cornwall wears. But she is 88 after all and has earned the right to be comfortable and in my view she always looks smart. and well presented Others have complained lately that she looks rumpled but to be honest I can’t see it. Re the hat on the right. What a difference 12 years makes in terms of millinery. I prefer the turquoise.

  3. Trimming the coat (and hat) with dress fabric has been a popular characteristic of Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe for decades. As far as I know, the darker blue outfit hasn’t been worn in a long time.
    I prefer the turquoise outfit. The darker blue hat looks a little as though someone threw on a wad of dress fabric to compensate for the fact that the hat color doesn’t quite match the coat color.
    One advantage of both outfits is that the dress fabric is visible while the coat is worn (and is on the coat itself). When only the coat fabric is visible, and when the hat is made partly or exclusively to coordinate with a dress of different fabric, the hat can look out of place.

  4. Neither – I really dislike the coat pattern on her – it’s poorly fit and dowdy – I do like the deeper blue on her of the two – the lighter turq really washes out esp in bright sunlight

  5. I like the tourquois colour and it is very much in. The neckline allows the pearls to be seen. I have been thinking the last few days the pattern and style of the clothes look so “homemade” if you know what I mean. I pass.
    The hat with the calla lilies and the beige suit were the best in the recent past even though I think I was influenced by other’s comments at the time. It was lovely.

    • You must know some good home dressmakers. From my considerable experience with having clothes made, these are well above average quality and finish. Some designer clothes and hats are finished appallingly and not fitted at all as you will know if you follow Beautiful Queen Maxima.

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