Dutch Monarchs on Day 2 of German Visit

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of The Netherlands vsited Münster and Essen today for the second and final day of their quick trip to Germany. Máxima looked beautiful in a blush pink ensemble topped with the flowing gossamer pink striped headpiece she unveiled earlier this year. The first time we saw this headpiece, its effect was greatly diminished by the dowdy brown coat she wore it with. Today, however, when  paired with this tailored Natan dress, the lightness and movement of this hat shone through (aided further with those spectacular jewels!)  I thought this headpiece on Queen Máxima today was absolutely beautiful. 

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: March 24, 2014

While this sweeping headpiece still reminds me of the hat Queen Mathilde worn for her enthronement last year, Máxima both owned it and made it shine today. I’m curious- has your opinion of this headpiece changed with its outing today, just as mine did?

Photos from Getty as indicated


19 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs on Day 2 of German Visit

  1. Lovely outfit! To me, this hat and Mathilde’s are completely different, though. They are just both nudey-beige and pretty. 😉

    And *psst* most of those pictures are Münster and not Essen.

  2. First of all, great photos – thanks! I think this hat is worn better this time mainly because of the hairdo underneath. Opposite side part and the bobble slightly off centre -trés chic. I think it goes very well with the dress which is a beautiful elegant style, the fabric looks so lustrous. I think Máxima has been putting together some classic and wonderful looks of late, all carried off with her usual flair and panache. Me like!

  3. I can’t like this hat, it’s too big, and I don’t like the stripes on it. I do like this color on the Queen, her jewels are magnificent, her accessories look good, her hair looks good, but the darts in the dress are in the wrong place.

  4. I like the hat, but would prefer to see her face be a little less shiny. And she again looks like she could use a touch of lipstick. Perhaps she has some on, but it is not dark enough, so her hat blends into her face, which then blends into the dress.

  5. Much of an improvement over some of her outfits last week. Her hair should always be done and not a free fall.
    I like the other Queen’s hat better. This one is just too high and cumbersome. The dress is excellent.

  6. Maxima’s ensemble from the top of her hat to the tips of her finger and the toes of her shoes . . near to perfection. It always helps when she gets her hair done.

  7. I didn’t like this headpiece the first time I saw it… I would like it better if it was a little bit smaller but it looks completely different with this dress. The whole package of dress, hat, jewels (that brooch is eye popping!) and hair is just gorgeous.

  8. I like this hat but I still prefer Mathilde’s version better. It looks like the fabric is identical. And I do agree Maxima looked better today than when she wore it with the brown coat slung over her shoulders. I think I like Mathilde’s better because even though it has the wind blown part it also has a more structured part to balance it out. Where as Max’s is just all abstract.

  9. These free form things are not my kind of hat but with this outfit, the hair, the jewels – it looks very good. This is also a good colour on her – much better than that beige-y colour that washes her out and matches her hair. If Natan could just get the bust darts right on her outfits it would be a 10/10.

  10. Just not my kind of hat — it’s too ‘tippy’ looking – like a good wind and it would blow right off. Not a fan.

  11. The Queen nailed it with the change to a more tailored, structured dress balancing the hat, full of movement, but in her defense with its previous outing, the brown coat appeared to be a last minute addition. Perhaps the day was cooler than anticipated. What’s a gal to do… freeze for the sake of the outfit? Some might answer yes, but I’m on Queen Maxima’s side. Survival wins out.

    • I think you are right… but last time, the dress was rather unstructured and I think it was not nearly as good a fit for this hat as this dress is.

      • I take that back (as I am rather fickle!)- We have seen that Maxima has numerous beautifully tailored coats in all colours. With that wardrobe, there is no reason to sling a shapeless, drab brown sack over one’s shoulders and call it a day. This headpiece needs structure and tailoring to balance it.

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