British Royals at D-Day Anniversary

Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and other European monarchs to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings today. The Duchess of Cornwall wore a white straw picture hat with an asymmetrical brim trimmed with a wide, pleated sash around the crown which knotted at the side. Camilla wears these large hats so very well and I thought her monochrome ensemble was so tasteful and elegant.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 18, 2013

The Prince of Wales was in military uniform with cap.

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Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge met with World War II veterans in Arromanches-les-Bains and attended a commemorative service at Gold Beach. For these events, the Duchess of Cambridge repeated her small black straw saucer percher-style hat with stylized bow at the back. Paired with her blue Alexander McQueen coat (which has a slight military feel to it), black dress and black accessories, I thought Kate’s polished ensemble was quite chic.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
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Designer: Lock & Co. it is a bespoke version of the “Salsa” design from the Summer 2013 collection
Previously Worn: June 13, 2013

Samantha Cameron, wife of British Prime Minister David Cameron, also attended today’s anniversary. I thought she looked wonderful in a dove grey straw mushroom brimmed hat with curled bow at the back. This hat had a distinctly 1940s feel to it, especially when paired with her grey suit and high necked blouse.

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Designer: Gina Foster. It looks like a custom version of the “Amaryllis” hat

I can’t wait to hear what you think of these and the other royal hats from the poignant commemoration in Normandy today.

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31 thoughts on “British Royals at D-Day Anniversary

  1. The Duchess of Cornwall looked very elegant in every respect. I didn’t like Duchess of Cambridge’s blue coat with that black hat. The hat isn’t bad but I agree it looked wintry and heavy for a summer event. I am glad Mrs Cameron made an effort with a hat. It was a somewhat austere look for such an attractive young woman but not bad.

  2. I thought Camilla’s hat and outfit were superb, beautifully cut coat, lovely large hat that she can carry so well. Kate was very appropriately though unexcitingly dressed. I do very much like her hat, but I think as this was a more formal occasion than most, it would have looked better with her hair up. Both this and Mrs Cameron’s hats have to be worn forward to be elegant, I think; they’re styles that just look silly if worn further back (whether one likes that style or not is then a different thing). Mrs Cameron’s outfit was great, as was the hat. It’s interesting that just the high-necked blouse detail can give a whole outfit that retro feel.

  3. Camilla was elegant, understated and her hat was fabulous. The wide brim balanced the flare of the coat, the colour cream is very flattering for her, and her nod to her Dad’s regiment fitting. She seems to be able to put the veterans at ease and has a good understanding of their experiences.
    Whereas Catherine is young and delights them, and brings out their cheeky side. Even at such a sombre event, those that fought must remember to live joyfully so that the freedom their lost mates achieved for us is honoured. I’m not a great fan of her hats, but seriously, her personality far outweighs her clothing. Catherine is proving to be a great asset to the Firm.
    Possible Sam-Cam’s best public appearance, also thoughtful and appropriate and she nailed it. A sweet little hat.

  4. Yes, I can only wholeheartedly agree with the best dressed lady today – The Duchess of Cornwall, hands down. So appropriate for two reasons perhaps. She is from a Service background and (with utmost respect) she is from a certain generation, if you know what I mean. The tailoring on this outfit looks very good and the style is very flattering, that and the simple, quiet design of the hat make for a memorable combination. Well done Camilla, you look really great.
    Re The Duchess of Cambridge. This McQueen coat was worn during her recent visit to NZ. She and William visited an aviation display and also paid respects to the fallen from that country. On that occasion the Duchess had her hair in a high ponytail, but I think today demanded a hat. And so we got one. Whether it was the right choice I’m not so sure. To me this one looked a little girly and…….I don’t know. Not that she had to go all terribly somber but I’m not sure it matched the military feel of the coat. I did like it when she teamed it with the leopard print coat she wore to christen the ship when pregnant with George. Thanks.

  5. Do not like Catherine’s hat at all. It reminds me of the saucer hats that the Empress of Japan always wears down on her forehead. Please Catherine, ditch the hat! Duchess of Cornwall again wears a big hat and it looks good on her as always. She really wears those big hats well. I don’t like the flying saucer Mrs. Cameron chose to wear.

  6. I thought each of these women were elegant and that their outfits were just great. The Duchess of Cornwall was stunning. She looks wonderful. The hat worn by the Duchess of Cambridge is youthful, yet dignified and her hair is pulled back in a half up sweep. Very nicely done. Prince Charles always looks smart in a uniform and the tear in his eye illustrates just how moved he is by the sacrifices made that day.

    The Prime Minister’s wife looks smashing in her 1940’s retro look. So very touching of her to dress in this way. The suit is lovely.

  7. Yes, there is my winner, the duchess of Cornwall. Beautiful, soft, elegant. Never was – apart from her two wedding outfits – a fan of her style, but of late I seem to see a change. (or may be I’ve changed).
    The duchess of Cambridge looks just a wee bit stuffy, but of course her smile doed wonders.

  8. I like the Duchess of Cambridge’s military-style coat, and the blue color is lovely on her, though the huge pockets detract from the look. The little black hat looks OK, but it’s worn a bit too far forward, and all that messy mop of hair hanging down looks untidy for such a formal occasion. The Duchess of Cornwall’s outfit is elegant and she can carry those wide-brimmed hats. Samantha Cameron looks better dressed than I’ve ever seen her. I’m not crazy about saucer hats, but at least she is wearing a hat, unlike at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding, when she refused to wear a hat and had a mop of hair hanging untidily, and looked so inelegant.

  9. Camilla wins!! Live her hat and it is summery. Kate looks hot and unseasonal and the hat is too dark and wintery. Something paler and neutral would have been much better

  10. You have the words that I search for unsuccessfully! Polished, chic! Yes, that is what Q Max is missing and Camilla had in spades. She was totally put together well. Looked marvelous with her hair color. In some places white is a color or mourning, so the light color didn’t seem jarring at this event. I liked the touches of Black that the D of Cambridge wore. This is a sombre occasion. so many lost their lives and that bright citrus green and neon yellow did not convey the right seriousness of the event to me. That style hat works well for Catherine, just as it seems those large hats do well on Camilla. The grey that Samantha Cameron wore seemed to hit the right note as did GDMT.

    • I’m so glad you made this point- I thought Camilla and Kate’s hats not only looked great on them, but they were appropriate for this event. There were thousands of lives lost on these beaches in 1944 and some of the outfits today seemed inappropriate.

      • The only outfit I was a bit hesitant about was Queen Maxima’s. It was completely “her” from the top down, though, so it worked. I thought the dresses/colors worn by the other queens were quite tasteful and appropriate for the occasion, especially the bright green worn by QEII since she was a guest of honor and she needed to stand out from all the dark suits & uniforms (people want to see her).

    • I believe the HM was wearing green because of this:

      “When D-Day was being planned, staff officers divided the most critical stretch of Sword Beach into sub sectors, Queen Red, Queen White and Queen Green. Fitting then that the most senior guest on that stretch of sand yesterday should dress in the third of those colours.”

  11. Camilla looks gorgeous today! So elegant. I like Kate’s coat but her hat is a little silly worn so far forward on her forehead.

  12. Just a note – Samantha Cameron is *not* referred to as the “First Lady”, she is the Prime Minister’s wife.
    Nice to see everyone looking so elegant for this occasion.

  13. DC of Cornwall, now she did look very elegant, the hat was great, loved the 2 different colors together and her shoes matched, her entire outfit for the day was perfect.
    DC of Cambridge, Not a fan of these type of hats at all, they look uncomfortable like they are going to fall off the head.
    PM’s Wife, not a fan of saucer hats that hide the face, the color is nice on her, not the style.

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