Vibrant Hats for Queen and Duke of Edinburgh

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh both donned hats today for official engagements. To open the new Westminster School’s sports centre in Central London this morning, the Queen repeated her mauve square brimmed, rolled brim hat. Trimmed with a wide mint green stripe around the brim and a fuschia, pink and green feathered bloom, this hat still reads much more ‘court jester’ than ‘elegant queen’ for my taste.

   Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: June 19, 2013

Meanwhile, the Duke of Edinburgh made a quick trip to Fallingbostel, Germany to present Operational Service medals to the 4th Battalionof  The Royal Regiment of Scotland. Prince Philip braved the warm day in a cream straw panama hat trimmed in a sharp navy and crimson striped band around the crown. I thought his choice of a multicoloured striped tie completed his ensemble quite handsomely.

 Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

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10 thoughts on “Vibrant Hats for Queen and Duke of Edinburgh

  1. I like her hat, just needs a smaller flower array – I actually think this would work if that had been done – but gosh, as busy as she’s been of late, she gets a BIG pass in my book for a maybe not as great as the last couple weeks of hats she’s been sporting.

  2. I have a few issues here. The hat – well we’ve documented that, it just needs a good trim. Actually, if that were done, I’d be on board. But my real negative is around the coat; it’s just baggy, not tailored like she has been recently. It looks too big, and it’s drowning her. And I don;t get that diagonal seam either. I do hope this isn’t going to become a favourite!

    • I agree. It’s an odd and not very flattering style for the Queen. I love the way she tries new styles though.

  3. I thought court jesters wore multi coloured motley hats with three ‘tails” each with a bell at the end. The Queen wears a brightly coloured and extravagantly decorated hat and a big smile. Indeed there have been some “foolish” hats, fascinators, wisps of tulle, scraggly ribbons and tortured feathers around in the past week but not in my opinion on the Queen’s head. Now for Ascot!

  4. It’s the flower that makes this look like a court jester. The color combination has been a traditional favorite of the Queen’s.
    The other time the Queen wore today’s outfit there was a tie from the dress that hung down in front of the coat, hiding that one rather ugly button (as if one would even notice the button with the giant flower perched atop the hat).
    The Duke of Edinburgh’s hat was an improvement over the Queen’s.

  5. I’m amazed at the energy of this pair! I like the Queen in the mint green but not with the fuchsia, and that flower on the hat is way too big! I’m also not fond of collarless jackets on coats. The Queen’s teardrop shaped diamond brooch is gorgeous. I like the Duke’s hat and tie, it’s very smart.

  6. I actually like HM’s hat — but I would like it better without the flower. I love the green and pink and I think that would be enough.

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