Dutch Princesses Attend Grand Defile

Princess Beatrix and Princess Margriet of the Netherlands attended the ‘Grand Defile’ , a celebration of 200 years of the Kingdom of the Netherlands at Het Loo Palace  in Apeldoorn on Saturday. Princess Beatrix repeated a caramel straw hat with flat crown and brim, wrapped in a wide, coordinating band around the crown. A flat bow at the back completed the hat. While this is not my favourite colour on Princess Beatrix, I like this more restrained hat shape on her very much.

Princess Beatrix, June 14, 2014 | Royal Hats

Princess Margriet wore a bright teal straw hat with a small, diagonal brim. The brim was trimmed in black piping around the edge and featured a massive teal bloom on under the raised side of the brim. I want to love this hat but something about it seems out of proportion for me. I think if the brim had been slightly bigger, it would have worked more successfully. I do adore the colour and the large bloom.

Princess Margriet, June 14, 2014 | Royal Hats

What do you think of this pair of Dutch royal hats?

Princess Beatrix and Princess Margriet, June 14, 2014 | Royal Hats

Photos from ANP, ANP and ANP via RD.nl

3 thoughts on “Dutch Princesses Attend Grand Defile

  1. I think Princess Beatrix looks lovely, as always. I think the pale straw is flattering, and appropriate for the season. I loved her outfit as well. Beatrix is a small woman, and she would be lost in the gorgeous big hats often worn by Máxima and Camilla.
    Unfortunately, Margriet’s mi-chapeau-mi-fascinator is a huge mistake. These cute little confections are inappropriate for women of a certain age , and should be left to the very young, like Kate and Zara.

    • Ah Fleur, with the greatest of respect I have to say that I disagree!! What has age got to do with it? I don’t think the flower embellishment is too young at all, I think it is rather tastefully done and would be appropriate for any age. Margriet often wears vibrant colours and this teal is no exception. I think it looks great on her. I take the point re the brim being a little on the small size. Thanks.

  2. Princess Bea looks just great, in fact I do like the color of the hat, it is soft and pretty, not overpowering on her as some of her hats are. I like the outfit today also, she looks very happy and content which is nice to see. Princess Margriet, not a good hat, in fact I can’t find one thing to like about it and the same with her outfit……not good at all!

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