Royal Ascot Day 1: The Monarchs

I am pleased to welcome British Milliner Katie Vale and American milliner Jill Courtemanche to Ascot week here on Royal hats! With no further adieu, let’s chat about the many royal hats we saw yesterday at the first day of Royal Ascot (stay tuned because there are two more posts to come).

Queen Elizabeth in Rachel Trevor Morgan

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 KV:  Queen Elizabeth: The crown shape is her favourite and she’s used to that. I like an asymmetrical brim, but I think the upturn is too large. It looks like two different brims, one on the left and one on the right! I’m not a fan. 

JC: The color on the queen’s hat is absolutely lovely on her. The soft blue is really a nice tone and the trim has a beautiful variation of texture to really give it a rich, full look as well as adding some width to the hat. My only criticism is that the profiled brim is a bit sharp but I love that she continues to vary her shapes rather than sticking to the same ho hum looks. 

 RH: When the Queen debuted this hat for Easter this year, the angle of the brim looked so different. I agree with Katie and Jill that the upturn is too a little too severe. I usually prefer the Queen in brighter colours but agree with Jill- this pale blue is so pretty!

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Princess of Jordan, Sheikha of Dubai in Nerida Fraiman

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JC: I really like everything about this hat! The shape suits her and the trim is fun and whimsical while still being refined and contained. It’s lovely how the feather work of the trim has many tones so it picks up the color of her dress but is still a strong contrast to the overall look. This is my favorite look of the day!

KV:  I really like the one block colour of navy blue. There’s lots of blue around at the moment. I think the base seems a little flat. It’s interesting that she’s wearing it on the left, traditionally fascinators are worn on the right. Now people wear them any side but usually they are placed right unless the hair styles suggests otherwise.

RH: Interesting that you both like this hat so much because I don’t!! I feel like we’ve seen this hat (cocktail hat with feather/flower explosion on top) a few times before on Princess Haya. What doesn’t work for me is the combination of this dress, which feels ultra floaty and feminine, and the hat, which is a carnival on her head. Put this hat with a well-tailored cream suit and I would like it so much more.

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6 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day 1: The Monarchs

  1. Love the Queen’s outfit (and would have loved it a tiny bit more if she’d had a plain frock on underneath, say in a darker grey/blue). P. Haya has to do an either/ or – either put her floaty outfit with a big picture hat … or wear a different (tailored) outfit with this hat … and she needs to ditch the ankle-strap shoes pronto, they don’t do any favours to those of us with legs less than a mile long! She is so beautiful I look forward to seeing what else she has brought for Ascot.
    I agree with Louise, there is certainly an ice blue “thing” going on, isn’t there?

  2. Hats with asymmetrical brims look very different from different angles. Most photographs of hats with flowers or other embellishments on one side tend to be photographed from that side. Although the upturn on the right of the hat is surprisingly severe, this is a standard hat pattern that RTM has used for the Queen for years, and I agree that this modification to the standard pattern may have gone too far. Nonetheless, the queen’s hat is beautiful. This is an excellent working outfit — and a worthwhile fast repeat since at Easter it was photographed just briefly and in the rain.
    I’m afraid that I don’t like (or understand) anything about Princess Haya’s outfit.

  3. Please can you correct “Lady Serena Armstrong Jones” to be the correct title of Viscountess Linley. Serena is not and has never been titles as stated in your article. On a lighter note – love all the comments, even if I could differ on one or two 🙂

  4. I am no hat officianado but I like this hat, I think it is soft and flattering to Her Majesty. I like the greyish hues in the trim- there’s a lot of ice blue around at the moment isn’ there!! Nice.

  5. Great work on getting all this together! now the hats.

    The Queen is in uniform. Can’t find anything to say other than it’s nice, we’ve seen it a hundred times, and she looks like the Queen! Hays…erm, well this is a strange look. The hat is fine, but the frock just says Margot Leadbetter to me. Not a fan.

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