Queen And Duke of Edinburgh in Northern Ireland

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh had a very busy day of engagements yesterday on the first day of their three day visit to Northern Ireland. For their visits to City Hall, Crumlin Road Gaol, St George’s indoor market and the ‘Game of Thrones’ set, Queen Elizabeth debuted a new hat. Made of the same textured yellow, grey and white stripe as her coat, this hat was trimmed in a diagonal sweep of yellow organza overlapping leaves. The shape, which unfortunately looked like a bucket overturned on Her Majesty’s head, did little to rectify the messy looking hat. I am so very sad to label this hat a miss on all counts.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: I believe this is a new hat

Later in the afternoon, the royal couple attended a garden party at Hillsborough Castle. The Queen changed into a very pretty pink hat trimmed in looped bows and peony blossoms. While the crown of this hat is a little higher than I like on the Queen, it is so well balanced and looks smashingly wonderful on her. I suspect you will agree this was the most successful hat of the day, but I am interested to hear your thoughts on this pair of royal hats.

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Designer:  Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 18, 2013

Photos from Getty as indicated

27 thoughts on “Queen And Duke of Edinburgh in Northern Ireland

  1. I think the Queen’s pink outfit was a winning style, and it was perfectly complimented by the tilted brimmed pink hat which was elegantly trimmed in looped bows with some peony blossoms, providing interest without being over-the-top. The pearls of Queen Alexandra’s Wedding brooch took on a fabulous lustre against the pink background of the coat.

    Queen Elizabeth’s yellow hat didn’t thrill me, as the shape looked like a small overturned bucket. I didn’t like that it was made of the same textured yellow, grey and white fabric of her coat, and while I loved the coat, using the same fabric on the hat as well resulted in the overall effect being too busy. To make matters worse, the hat featured a big diagonal trim of vivid yellow organza leaves. I do wish that Angela Kelly would not get so carried away with adding so many trimmings to many of the Queen’s hats. Less is more! Especially considering the Queen brought out one of her big gun brooches, the Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee brooch, which I adore! Please bin this hat Your Majesty!

  2. I love the embellishment of the yellow hat but agree the shape is a bit off – also wonder if those gorgeous petals would have looked better against a plain fabric or straw. The pink peony hat is gorgeous – compare this to the “miner’s lamp” hat from the visit to France and this is hands down how to place a large, single flower on a hat.

  3. The pink hat is one of favorites of all time. I could look at it all day. I liked the yellow, it was different. From closeup there were maybe too many of the organza leaves – they look more like calla lilies to me! – but overall I think it is pretty and nice to see HM in something different.

  4. The lemon hat is great, I think. For me the crown is just a trifle too tall and too square (at least from the side) which does make it a bit buckety, but everything else about it is lovely. The cascade of overlapping leaves is an inspired way of giving both textural and decorative interest without it looking too complicated and over-embellished. The pink hat is lovely too. But am I imagining an almost-crease on the upper layer of the crown? I noticed it because I never remember seeing such a thing on any of the Queen’s hats before!

  5. This pink hat is perfection! Yes, predictable perhaps, but so so classically and elegantly HM. It actually makes me feel a bit emotional. Beautiful colour, perfectly proportioned, diagonal brim, gorgeous flower, nice trim for contrast and interest and so effortlessly complementing the Queen’s outfit. Perfection. Oh to have been with you James!
    There’s something kind of weirdly groovy about the lemon hat too isn’t there. Somehow it kind of works! The colour of the leaves is sublime! Not many people could wear that colour I’d imagine. I love the fabric of the coat, so interesting and textured, I just want to touch it! The coat is rather well fitted too which I like. Such stamina from HM, how does she do it!!

  6. I love the “lemon landslide of loveliness” too although the hat shape is awkward in some way. The pink hat is just a beautifully executed hat which compliments the Queen’s lovely coat and super brooch. This is such a lovely look for a state visit – regal, colourful, respectful, elegant but restrained.

  7. HQ, I agree about the yellow hat. My first thought was “Oh dear! She’s put a waste paper basket on her head!” It does improve with the front view, though I think the crown is MUCH too wide and tall for HM. Really don’t care for the hat/dress combo. The dress color and pattern are too strong for the lemon hat. The pink I continue to find one of my faves in HM’s collection.

  8. I adore the yellow hat.its unusual,cute & looks like what a lemon cake should look like.game of thrones viewers will certainly get the reference. 🙂

  9. Love, Love, Love the blush pink hat with the David Austin shaped rose. It is romantic yet classy and is a perfect pair with the coat. That shade of pink is absolutely HM’s color.

  10. The pink from last summer’s Ascot is a nice hat. It’s always reminded me of this one, also by RTM, I believe: http://www.apimages.com/metadata/Index/REX-AP-1719471g-Garden-Party-at-Buckingham-Pala-/57ddec400b3842518d91020947b48f74/21/0
    I certainly understand why you consider the yellow to be the “bucket hat.” Although it’s not my favorite hat (too tall, no real brim, no real front), I actually rather like it. I like the coat fabric and am pleased it’s repeated on the hat without covering the entire hat. The cascading lemon yellow leaves go nicely with the yellow shapes in the dress. I don’t think it’s messy looking, but it is different from the Queen’s others hats.
    We all spend a lot of time criticizing AK for making the same patterns over and over. I doubt this bucket shape will be repeated so often as her flat brims or split crowns, however.

  11. I don’t like the bucket shape, but I love the chiffon leaves on the yellow hat. I like the pink, it’s very pretty but a little too standard and predictable.

  12. I was at the Garden Party yesterday afternoon, the whole outfit was beautiful including the hat. I thought The Queen looked absolutely spectacular. I also thought the lemon outfit and hat was lovely.

  13. I don’t know why I like the first hat but I do. It’s a lemon landslide of loveliness! The second pink one as you say is “smashingly wonderful”.

    I love this blog and read it every day. Keep up the good and witty work!

  14. I love the yellow coat she is wearing, but would prefer a hat that is not so “matchy.” I also think the crown of the yellow hat is too tall and that leads to the bucket look. The pink is wonderful.

  15. You know what I liked about that “bucket hat”? We got away from the stiff straight brim sticking straight out at the side, that was what disliked about the last pink hat the Queen wore at Ascot. Looked like cardboard stuck out, to me. This does hark back to the Doris Day hats and they were cute and fun. I liked the lemon color, but not the same fabric as the coat. I was just so pleased to see something different and I thought, cute on her–and it looked feminine. I’m dead tired of the men’s tophat redo placed on a woman. This was different. vive la difference!.

  16. I’m surprised you didn’t like the yellow hat – I thought it a great colour and quite fun. I agree the crown is a bit bucket shaped, but the leaves were a natty touch I thought, quite unusual and creative. I really liked the look. The pink is lovely, but a bit of a standard look. I actually preferred the yellow. What I love is that she’s still a bit out there at 88!

    • The leaves are unusual and creative, I’ll grant you. I think it’s the closeup side view of the hat that, to me, looks messy and oddly shaped. From the front, it is much prettier. There is a 1960s vibe about it that is rather fun and yes- we have got to give the Queen points for fashion fearlessness because I can’t think of anyone else her age as fabulous as she is. That being said, I just don’t love this hat!
      I think, JamesB, we’ll still have to agree to disagree on this one!

  17. The yellow on (aside from the asymmetrical brim), it looks like ones we wore in the late 50s/early 60s — shades of Doris Day hats in Lover Come Back and a few other films she made round that time. And you called it well-we called them just that back then ‘bucket hats.’

  18. Although I like the pink outfit, I REALLY like the yellow best. I thought it was different and a nice colour on her majesty. I fail to see where it is too high or “bucket like”. I thought the organza leaves a nice touch and very summery.

  19. I thought the yellow hat was cute. From the front view, the yellow leaves are quite pretty (much nicer than the side view).

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