Queen and Prince Philip Wrap Up Visit to Northern Ireland

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh concluded their visit to Northern Ireland today by launching World Ware I commemoration and taking part in an episode of “Antiques Roadshow” at Hillborough Castle. The Queen looked cool as a cucumber in a new white and pale aqua flat brimmed hat. I really like contrasting colours on the crown and brim of this hat, and think the soft aqua is a wonderful shade on Her Majesty. I’m just not sure about the heavily textured white crown; I think plain straw might have been more effective and allowed the pair of aqua feathers adorning this hat to stand out more. In my opinion, the coat is beautifully tailored and  would be better matched with a less frantic hat but I’m curious, dear readers, what you think of this new hat?

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
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Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: I believe this is a new hat

Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Queen and Prince Philip Wrap Up Visit to Northern Ireland

  1. Her Majesty looks lovely in this color, and the coat is elegantly tailored, and this Bronte porcelain brooch, which appears to never have been worn by her before, is stunning. I do like the hat shape, and I wish it had been all one color, as I don’t like the heavy texturing of the white crown and the excessive amount of trimming. A simpler hat would have been better.

  2. I like this hat. I think that either bow or feather would have been enough but at least it is not as overly embellished as so many she has been wearing. Do the feathers look a little bedraggled? I think their edges needed to be brushed together. Overall, it’s a win.

  3. I like the trim, which I don’t say often of Angela’s hats. It might be even better without one of the feathers. But as JamesB says the muted color and the simple shape make it work.

  4. I rather like it. The shape is plain enough to take the froof, and with a muted colour palate it doesn’t scream ‘de trop’ to me. I thought she looked lovely. My only thought would be that we’ve now seen this basic shape a lot, like a real lot!! Time for a bit of a rest (though perhaps like her Mother before her, the Queen is quite firm in her dotage on what she likes?!)

  5. I am OK with the hat although I think the soft bows would have been enough decoration. However the Queen seems to like having a feather in her cap! Love the colour and at least she looks like a Queen unlike another person we have looked at recently with antennae! And look at that beautiful brooch.

  6. The texture, bows and feathers and the placement of them, on the crown give a frantic vibe to me. Neither am I a fan of the frizbee stiff straight brim and squareness of the crown. I want something rounded and soft on Her Majesty. I give points for the color however. That is gorgeous!!

  7. I’m amazed at the number of the Queen’s new hats recently and at her stamina.
    The feathers on this hat don’t stand out, you’re right (and could be omitted), but I very much like the heavily textured white crown. Since the coat is monocolor, a “frantic” hat wouldn’t be a bad choice. I’m not sure what that third color is in the dress (brown? rust? orange?). Since it’s not repeated in the hat, I don’t think this hat is frantic; i think the turquoise brim and textured white crown make today’s hat a winner.

  8. I like this hat very much, there is a lace type effect around the top that is very pretty which makes the hat stand out to me.

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