Christening of Princess Amalia, Ten Years Later

Royal Hats June 12th marked the 10 year anniversary of the baptism of Princess Amalia of the Netherlands. How time flies! Her christening was such a beautiful royal hat event, it bears revisiting.

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On June 12, 2004, the then Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima brought their seven-month old daughter, Princess Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria, to be baptized at the 15th century Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk (St. James Church) in The Hague (the same church where Prince Willem-Alexander was baptized on September 2, 1967). While there was much public interest in this event, it remained a private (not a state) affair.

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Princess Máxima wore a beautifully tailored white jacquard suit topped with a spectacular caramel straw headpiece made by Belgian milliner Fabienne Delvigne. This headpiece, which consisted of a spray of feathers and several large straw leaves that circled her head, was a show-stopper and cemented Máxima’s growing reputation as a royal fashion force. It certainly is a bold headpiece but when paired with this very feminine suit, created such a beautiful ensemble. I remember being blown away by this headpiece when I saw it, as it was such a departure from the other christening hats of royal mums.

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Queen Beatrix wore a pretty pink picture hat with square crown and double, flat brim. designed by Emmy Hills. On the left side of the hat, the brim was raised and divided to house a mass of pink silk rose blooms between the two brims. The unique brim was a lovely compliment to Queen Beatrix’s suit jacket in a rose printed pink silk.

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Princess Máxima’s mother, María del Carmen Cerruti Carricart, wore an ecru straw hat with upturned brim that featured  a torn, unfinished edge. This modern touch was echoed in her coat, where the collar and cuffs were edged in a similar fashion. I thought it was sweet that Máxima and her mother dressed in the same colour scheme while Queen Beatrix, who was said to be over the moon with her second granddaughter (after raising three boys!), was in pink.

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Ten years later, I still love each of these hats. I also think that they are just as wearable today as they were a decade ago (and wonder if you agree!). You can see some of the spectacular hats worn by guests to this event here. 

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9 thoughts on “Christening of Princess Amalia, Ten Years Later

  1. I think Queen Beatrix wore the best hat here, and it’s also one of my favorite hats of all time. This is such a pretty pink color and the split brim, revealing the peek-a-boo pink silk rose blooms inside, was sheer genius. The hat complimented her elegant suit jacket. It was a lovely touch for the Christening of her grand-daughter, who she clearly adores.

    I loved Princess Máxima’s tailored white jacquard suit, but the bows on it were a tad too twee. I didn’t like the caramel straw headpiece, and I wish that it had been a hat instead, with the spray of feathers and several large straw leaves used as trimming on the hat instead. I firmly believe that ladies should wear a full hat to a religious ceremony such as a Christening, to support tradition, and also because they then look more dressy.

    I loved the shape of the ecru straw hat with upturned brim worn by Princess Máxima’s mother, María del Carmen Cerruti Carricart, but I hated the torn, unfinished edges on the hat and the outfit, and it really dates this outfit, and those shredded edges doesn’t look classy enough for a Christening.

  2. I love Beatrix’s hat in particular – such a simple idea, but so effective! I agree, these hats have generally aged very well.

  3. I have seen the headpiece from Maxima up close at the exposition at the palace in apeldoorn and it was as uwful as it is nice from a distance ! as if there was no time invested in the finishing :sloppy ,ruffled and I hope the curator has done everything to present it as nice as possible and still a disaster!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well, that was a weird and wonderful headpiece that Maxima wore. Forerunner of her crownless wonders I guess. I love Queen Bea’s hat brim. . That is marvelous and so much better than those “cake hats” she went to later. Max’s mother looked wonderful. Thanks for sharing these pictures and hats.

  5. What a surprise! I wasn’t expecting to see this event today and I just love all the royal hat surprises you have in store for us!

    Queen Beatrix’s hat is gorgeous. Queen Maxima’s headpiece is pretty but I think it’s quite modern and her suit is very traditional and the two don’t go so well together. Maybe 10 years ago they looked better together than they do to me now. Looking forward to seeing the other hats!

    • You would think that everything that possibly could be done to a picture hat had already been done and then you see something like Queen Bea’s hat and it’s so different but so pretty! We’ve been talking a lot about Maxima’s style this week on her trip to Poland and it seems, she has been pushing boundaries and taking fashion risks for a long, long time. I LOVE that about her.

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