Queen Hosts Palace Garden Party

Queen Elizabeth hosted a garden party at Buckingham Palace today for the ‘Not Forgotten’ Association (NFA), a charity that helps ex service personnel. She repeated a sunny yellow hat we have not seen for a long time. This hat, with a sharply upturned asymmetrical brim and angular crown, is softened by the spray of yellow flowers that trim it. While I am unsure about the angular lines of this hat, I love the overall scale and luscious lemon colour (and much prefer it to the yellow hat Queen Elizabeth wore in Northern Ireland earlier this week). What do you think of this sunny chapeau?

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 27, 2010; June 22, 2010; June 5, 2010; November 23, 2007; June 20, 2007

Photos from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Queen Hosts Palace Garden Party

  1. The bright yellow color of this outfit is just perfect for the Queen, the color really suits her, and makes her look younger, and the tilted hat is stunning,and not over-embellished, the coat is well tailored, though I don’t generally like collarless coats on anyone, as they somehow make you look under-dressed, and I do think the Queen looks better in styles other than collarless. The Wattle brooch is one of my favorites, and looks great with this shade of yellow.

  2. I love this yellow hat and it’s got more of RTM’s feathery flowers. Lovely! And I’m happy to see the Australian Wattle brooch too 😀

  3. I like this very much, and it is actually a beautifully planned hat, because the angle of the top of the crown exactly mimics the angle of the upswept brim – one doesn’t notice it much, but I suspect that if they *didn’t* match, one would be aware of something not quite right.

  4. I don’t think yellow is her best colour but this does look good and I really like the shape of this hat.

  5. Well, if it didn’t have that cockamamie crown, it wouldn’t have to have all that folderol to cover it up. I do like the brim. The embroidery on the coat is a nice touch.

  6. Bloomin’ eck. Can’t they give the woman a day off? She’s nearly 90?! Anyways – this is a fantastic outfit, and one I thought had been consigned to the vaults. Glad to see it out again, I particularly like the print on the coat, that’s quite funky for the Queen.

  7. Nice hat, nice surprise of detail on the coat (screen printed?) and another to die for brooch. She has come out of her jubilee year charging, hasn’t she So nice to see, although I do worry about her workload.

  8. I like it – the tussy-muss on it hides that crown shape I am so not fond of. Nice shades with the lemon and light brown

    • Yes, I immediately noticed the brooch and being an Australian I’m very pleased to see The Queen wearing her Australian Wattle Brooch! This isn’t my favourite outfit or hat for HM but echo the sentiments of so many in my absolute admiration for her. Thanks.

  9. When I spotted the dress with yellow leaves in Northern Ireland, I thought it was this one. They’re remarkably similar, but this has brown stems while the Irish model had gray/black. (And yet the Queen wears both with those omnipresent black accessories.) Today’s coat has beautiful embroidery to mimic the leaves in the dress.
    Oh yes, the hat. Today’s certainly is a more typical hat than the Irish “lemon landslide of loveliness” bucket, very nice, standard RTM design, although with a slightly wider brim perhaps than found on her current models. If the Queen were limited to one of these two yellow hats, I would prefer it to be this one; since she is not limited, I hope yesterday’s will be included in the rotation as well.

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