Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Attend Drumhead Service

Queen Elizabeth  and the Duke of Edinburgh attended a Solemn Drumhead service this morning at Royal Hospital Chelsea. The Queen repeated her beautiful lilac hat with asymmetrical raised brim and spray of silk flowers. This remains one of my favourite hats and as always when she wears it, she looked beautiful. Prince Philip wore a black bowler hat for this event and I thought he looked very smart indeed.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: April 3, 2014July 3, 2013June 14, 2012 

**Note: Her Majesty must have heard our conversation about which coat to pair with this gorgeous hat because today, she chose our favourite pairing!

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9 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Attend Drumhead Service

  1. This hat is just so darn pretty and the coat and brooch make for a perfect outfit for a Queen. Younger Queens could take note.

  2. I’m so glad that someone rediscovered the coat that actually was made for this hat and this dress. The hat is marvelous. (And I still think her wearing this hat and the wrong coat for the Pope was an accident.)
    About your response to the Queen’s shoes and handbags — although the shoes remain the same for virtually all outdoor events (black patent, haven’t been brown for decades or white for years), the handbag does change each wearing. It’s usually from the Launer company, often black patent but more recently black plain leather too. There must be about 20 almost matching handbags in the rotation. The outdoor shoes, on the other hand, honestly look like the exact same pair for decades: they’re crinkled, wrinkled and worn (out)! Just think what would happen if the Queen had shoes and handbags in the same colors as her umbrellas!

  3. Princess Alexandra of Kent was also at this event but I have not seen a good picture of her hat….

  4. This is a beautiful hat. softer, and the upturned brim and the color is gorgeous. I love her coat as well. that collar is so much better and that coat appears to be very well tailored. Best she has looked in a long time. Thanks.

  5. This outfit looks lovely on the Queen, the color really suits her, the hat is stunning, the coat is well tailored, and the Kent Amethyst brooch, all combine splendidly. I wish the Queen would venture into some new shoe and handbag styles. I love the Kent Amethyst brooch and I do wish the Queen would wear it more often, and perhaps wear it as a pendant sometime for a change.

  6. Thanks for the link to the previous discussion, so interesting. What a gorgeous coat, not least because of its beautiful colour but also because of the unusual (for Her Majesty) collar. It provides a much better line and hang IMO and therefore much more stylish. This hat seems like a perfect match. In general I like these upturned brims on The Queen and the little raise on the crown adds a touch of softness. Thanks.

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