Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh Arrive in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh traveled to Scotland today. Upon their arrival at the Palace Of Holyroodhouse, Queen Elizabeth presided over the Ceremony of The Keys, with the 2nd Battallion Royal Regiment of Scotland as Guard of Honour. For this event, she debuted a reworked turquoise hat with a double, pork-pie style crown, trimmed with a simple straw bow. While the colour is lovely, I think the bulky shape of the crown sets the hat off balance and the slim double bands of ribbon around the crown create a awkwardly bulbous shape (a shape reminiscent of Her Majesty’s white marshmallow hat, one of my very least favourite royal hats). While better photos may eventually swing my opinion on this hat, the shape does not seem successful.

 Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: First time in this incarnation. In original form, the Queen wore it June 25, 2008; June 26, 2007; and May 4, 2007

For those of you who are interested, here is the hat in its original form. A wide fold of straw around the crown was removed and replaced with the smaller bow. I also think the crown shape has been modified.

 Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Photos from Getty as indicated

19 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh Arrive in Scotland

  1. I’ll be contrarian and declare the “marshmallow hat” one of my favourites of the past decade! 😀 This one, on the other hand, I prefer in its original incarnation.

    • I adore contrarians! The “marshmallow” hat is a unique one, I’ll grant you that! I’m curious, however- what about this turquoise hat makes you prefer it in its original form?

  2. This is a wonderful hat that bears signature hints of Queen Beatrix’s hats from last decade. It is a great styling that rarely fails to impress.

  3. If this is indeed the same hat reworked, I like it much better in its original version. It doesn’t seem to match HM’s coat very well, though from the pictures it seems it was meant to go with this one.

    • I think the crown has been reshaped as well. In the original hat, the crown has almost an hourglass shape. The crown on the hat we saw yesterday is more broad and thickset. Certainly more of a marshmallow than an hourglass.

    • So glad you found when this was first worn – I was going mad trying to find it. I thought it was much earlier, but 2007 was its debut it seems.

    • Thanks for putting the two hats next to each other. Their shapes are more different than I’d thought from the front. But if today’s hat actually is totally new, why create such a similar style rather than go for something more modern or more standard, I wonder. I’m puzzled.

  4. The outfit is an old repeat (worn on the Queen’s visit to the US in 2007), but the hat’s indeed been reworked. Here’s the original:
    The awkward bulbous shape remains, but the trim has been shrunk or redone. The original looks as though it may have been wrapped in fabric, whereas the crown of the new version appears to be straw. But I can’t imagine that two different but such oddly shaped hats were created. Neither version is attractive.

    • Great catch! It is indeed a reworked version of this original. I have revised the post with this correction. And I agree-neither version is particularly pretty.

  5. Love the color but that is all. Shape wise it’s as if two competing hats are stacked together. At least it is minimal in the embellishment department.

    • Hi, I thought this looked familiar the second I saw it. I think the hat has had a wee bit of work done to it but it’s definitely a repeat.

    • You are indeed, correct. As far as I can tell, the Queen wore this hat in its original version before sending it for a remodel. Unfortunately, I’m not sure either version is successful.

  6. The marshmallow hat I don’t like — but this one is rather nice I think. The color is especially fetching on HM

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